Authentic simulator SpaceX will allow you to manually docked to ISS

Company SpaceX introduced an unusual browser game, in which everyone can personally try to dock the spacecraft Crew Dragon to ISS. By default, in reality, this process is always happening automatically – however, the astronauts train a lot, to be able to take control in case of an emergency situation. Now it can try and standard users.

The first thing that catches the eye is how the vehicle interface is different from those pictures that we used to see in the news. It is more reminiscent of primitive indie-games, with huge colorful buttons and minimal information, but with beautiful and colorful background, as in blockbuster. It looks like something serious for the simulator, but NASA has already confirmed – all right, so things are in reality.

The fact that the development of Crew Dragon uses the new concept of friendly to the users of the vehicle interior and systems management. They’re all built for touch screens, the interface is identical to the iPad apps, they’re intuitive and don’t overload the user with unnecessary data. It does not absolve him of responsibility, and to help some hidden AI can not count, but mastering control of the spacecraft is now in force and the student.

The hardest part of the simulator, as in real life is to be patient and carefully observe all the conditions of the dock. The administrator NASA Jim Bridenstine in the comments to the game said that he was able to do it right the first time, but he’s a retired air force pilot, so he had a big head start. Let’s see how many normal users will be able to cope with this task.

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