At Arizona bottled ominous black river

Eyewitnesses from Pima County in Arizona (USA) have recorded the flow of black sludge on a dry riverbed. Ominous black substance flooded the area of the village of Cañada del Oro wash and threatens the whole region. All this happens against the background of large-scale forest fire “Bighorn Fire”, which can’t put out June 5, 2020.

When the land dries out, it loses the ability to absorb moisture, but it becomes even worse if the soil is exposed to strong heat. Organic matter in the soil is mineralised, metals and toxins are concentrated, changing the structure and physical properties of the earth, which begins to repel water. In such conditions only a small rain, just 7 mm of rain to half an hour burned weight climbed and swam turbulent flow – which was caught on video.

On the one hand, this river of slime does not have the destructive power of the usual landslide of mud and rocks, although able to bring considerable amounts of trash. On the other, it is even more dangerous for wildlife, as it contaminates the water and leads to a sharp decrease of oxygen in the water. All alive or suffocates, or dies due to the fact that sunlight does not penetrate through the muddy slush, making photosynthesis impossible.

People are also at risk, because the slime can seep into groundwater and make them too viscous, leading to problems in the filtration systems. The threat is not unfounded, as a historical example is the death of all fish in the lake Lachlan in Australia in 1939. Despite all efforts, its population has since failed to recover.

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