Astronomers have established the position of the center of the Solar system with an accuracy of 100 m

In the view of the majority is far from astronomy people the Sun is in the center of the Solar system and its center, respectively – in the center of the Sun. At the same time our main light remains stationary unlike anything that revolves around him.

But this is absolutely not true. A group of astrophysicists gravitational Observatory NANOGrav (North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves) proved that every celestial body in the Solar system its gravitational field affects the Sun’s position.

As a result of calculation using special software BayesEphem scientists managed to establish the location of the barycenter (gravity center) of the Solar system up to 100 meters.

This finding may be important in the study of pulsars – rapidly rotating neutron stars, “shooting” from their poles of powerful electromagnetic beams. In a relatively stable position, they become for the Earth a sort of cosmic beacon, sending to the Universe pulses of a certain frequency.

In recent years, NANOGrav began to use them to search for low frequency gravitational waves that cause very fine disturbances in the synchronization of millions scattered throughout the Universe pulsars.

“Using pulsars that we observe in our milky way, – said the employee of Vanderbilt University Steven Taylor – we are trying to imitate the spider, sitting motionless in the centre of his web. How well we understand the barycenter of the Solar system, has a crucial importance for us, as we try to catch even the slightest fluctuations of this “web”.

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