Assist Noyer, the record of Buffon’s goal from a free kick Ronaldo

Top Championships is getting closer and closer to completion and a short pause. Already and Germany settled the last formalities, identifying the losers and the victors of the season. Well, the more scores and the final top achievements in our review.

Achievements of the weekend

The Turin Derby again ended with the victory of “Juventus” and includes a number of historic achievements. In particular, Salvatore Sirigu was able to print Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the first in football history as the man who managed to score 25 goals in a separate sweepstakes the Premier League and Serie A.

If you think a lot to score in the top clubs easily, here’s a fact: the last time so many goals for the championship player of Juventus scored in the season 1960/61, and Omar Sivori. And if anyone has stuffed the stats on the children, this is the Goldenboy of the sixties: in one of matches “Juventus” resisted “inter”, which, in protest, put the youth team – and Omar in this match he scored six goals.

Historic in all respects a goal Ronaldo had a free kick and it’s his first goal this kind of black-and-white form. And yet this is the tenth season in his career, in which the Portuguese has scored at least forty goals for club and country. And this despite the fact that he’s got at least another nine games: 8 rounds of the championship and a return match 1/8 the Champions League with Lyon!

Most amazing is that Ronaldo is already 35 years old. He is older than some great and reputable coaches, and 99% of his peers-players are either already retired, or are playing on a fundamentally different than it level. Cristiano with such characteristic zavedenou and excitement refuses to lose even time.

Record of the weekend

But, perhaps, the main achievement in this match set is still not Ronaldo. Maurizio Sarri gave the rest Wojciech szczesny, and this meant that Derby will be Gianluigi Buffon. And this match was for the legend 648th in the Series And getting around Paolo Maldini and become the record holder for number of games in the top League of Italy.

How long have Gigi went to this! Debuted in Serie A before the birth of some of their partners and rivals in Derby: November 19, 1995, when even Ronaldo was only ten years old. Note that the 18-year-old goalkeeper of “Parma” debuted not with just anybody but with “Milan” – and was able to defend a goalless draw against a great team with Weah, Baggio, Boban a, Albertini in the squad.

This quarter of a century has included a season in Serie B, the year in Paris, many setbacks, Juventus and countless injuries the goalkeeper but failed to force Buffon to ice the game. Specifically, the record he had to wait almost half a year: caught up with Maldini goalie back in December, but due to quarantine and szczesny managed to beat on Saturday.

On this occasion, the players of “Juventus” started the match in t-shirts with special prints:

And, of course, crushed “Torino” with the account 4:1.

Cup weekend

“Bavaria” after the bowl, took himself and the German Cup. Bayer, with its pull-out defense was not the slightest chance to fight for the result: star of the South without problems took the advantage of two goals by the middle of the first half. Tapsoba from the Portuguese League and Sven Bender, who better to play in midfield, has allowed, in particular, arising assist by Manuel Neuer:

But “Bayer” clearly plays in attack and allowed us to see a lot of goals. However, this time both the goal came after a corner: Lars Bender has just scored after a cross from the corner, and volland in the fight against Hernandez forced Luke to play handball in the penalty. I note that Kai Havers at the age of 21 and has grown to the rank of the penalty taker.

This Cup was the twentieth in the history of Bayern. All competitors far behind: the closest pursuer six, another two teams of five, and you are unlikely to guess all three (Werder Bremen, “Schalke” and “Eintracht” – and Borussia Dortmund all four). In General, the German hegemony once again showed class.

“Our guy” of the weekend

Ruslan Malinovskiy in mid-PEC served a suspension and returned to the starting lineup Atalanta. It turned out to be easier than it seems: Gianpiero Gasperini was decided in the 30th round to rotate and released against Cagliari almost reserve team.

Largely because of this BERGAMASCHI for the first time in 11 (!) official matches scored at least two goals. While it is impossible to refrain from another coach compliments: even playing with youngsters, they are the underclass of the Sardinian club on the game without leaving him the slightest chance. 25:7 strikes, 7:0 on shots on target, an 87 percent accuracy gear – players, half of which until transfer to the “Atalanta” would not have taken the same Cagliari, played the match like a real top club.

It Malinovsky responded to far pas de of roona and burst into the penalty area, where he was brought down by a defender. Amadeo Carboni generally messed up the game: even in the fifth minute he booked, and in the main episode could foul before the penalty, but chose to shoot down Ukrainian it over the line. Second yellow and a penalty implemented by Muriel.

Ruslan played for an hour straight, scored six strikes, two of which were on target. They were both struck from the penalty and become a big problem for a goalkeeper, but Cranio managed. Of the thirty-one transfer of twenty-five reached the addressee, and five could end with goals is the best indicator in the team! Malinowski also won both martial arts, which were seen and successfully carried out two selection of three.

Overall, a very decent match Ukrainian who looked no worse than his substitute Gomez. Confuses only that almost all came against Cagliari players were ambitious understudy – and, of course, Gasperini because of one good performance will not change the first and second team places. Perhaps Malinowski was gonna be the exception who took a chance, coming from the first minute on Wednesday against Fiorentina.

Goal of the weekend

But Oleksandr Zinchenko last match in the net and can not bring. The match at Southampton, his team played, habitually attacking ten people – and the loss of Ukrainian ball gave the opportunity for Che Adams to delicately LOB the goalkeeper:

Own goal of the weekend

The German season has finally ended butt matches for a place in the Bundesliga. Werder defended place in the elite: miracle spending saving all his luck for decades to come. First lucky with the opponent on the last tour: “Cologne”, hotels in Bremen, a long time rivalry with düsseldorf “fortune” and lost 1:6, to send her into the relegation zone. Then fell a much more modest opponent of the second Bundesliga famous “Hamburg” has managed to lose on the home field 1:5, leaving the third place “Heidenheim”.

And even this team novamov Bremen so never beat. Match on “Weserstadion” ended goalless and in the return game against Werder Bremen, most likely, would have lost, but Norman Theuerkauf is already in the beginning struck the top corner own goal:

On away goals against Werder Bremen still hold a place in the elite. Incidentally, the Bremen club holds the championship by the number of seasons in the Bundesliga – one of the few rankings in which the leader is not “Bavaria”. But after this junction it is time to wait five or six defeats, with full advantage in the next season: once Fortuna (not düsseldorf) have to turn back.

Well, “Heidenheim” really a pity. One of the main sensations of the whole season were able to distance around much more status, “Hamburg”, “Hannover” and “Nuremberg”, reached the play-offs against another legendary club – and lost, as in chess, due to unforced errors. It remains only to wish good luck to next season: with “luck” and “Paderborn” butt should be easier than with the “Stuttgart” and “Arminian”.

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