As a result of the conflict on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan killed four soldiers, night firefight continued

As a result of the conflict on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan, which began on July 12, four people were killed.

According to the version of the Azerbaijani side on 12 July, units of the armed forces of Armenia with the aim of seizing positions in the Tovuz direction attempted attack with artillery.

The clashes two Azerbaijani soldiers were killed at the scene of the conflict, another was seriously injured and died later, said Azerbaijani defense Ministry.

The Armenian side claims thatoenologie of the Azerbaijani armed forces attempted to cross the state border of Armenia in the direction of Tavush and capture the stronghold of the enemy. According mMinisterstva Armenian, Azerbaijani servicemen were covered by artillery fire, Armenian army opened fire in response.

13 Jul conflict at the border continued. The Azerbaijani defense Ministry informedthat on the night of the Azerbaijani army attacked enemy strongholds using artillery, mortars and tanks. During the fighting killed the Azerbaijani soldier. The statement says that Azerbaijani forces have destroyed a strong point in the territory of Armenia, artillery, vehicles and “manpower”. At the same time, the Armenian defense Ministry reported about “provocative actions” of the Azeri side.

“The Armenian armed units gave an adequate response. From the Armenian side there are no losses”, – is told in the message of the Ministry of defense of Armenia.

Neighboring States are in conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh.

In 1991 with support from Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh declared independence from Azerbaijan. This led to the fighting, which lasted until 1994. The armed conflict ended with the signing of the Bishkek Protocol on ceasefire and a ceasefire, but from time to time between the parties there are armed clashes. During the conflict in the region killed more than 30 thousand people.

Azerbaijan considers Nagorno-Karabakh to the Armenian-occupied territory.

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