Arrest Robin Hood. In Germany, caught a homeless man who managed to disarm four officers and disappeared

On July 17 the German law enforcement officers using sniffer dogs found 31-year-old homeless man, who disarmed four policemen, six days hiding in forests from persecution. This was reported dpa.

The man crouched in the thickets; when it was four of the gun and “suicide note”.

From police reports it is not entirely clear what happened during the arrest; the Agency has verified that a fugitive, and one of the policemen was slightly injured.

Man sent for inspection to the psychiatrist. He prepared to charge in a deliberate unauthorized possession of a firearm.

12 Jul homeless IVA the Raouche noticed in Oppenau with a bow and arrow. The police came to the house where he was hiding; the man suddenly pulled police guns and demanded that they gave service pistols. The patrol listened, and then Rausch fled into the woods. To search for the attacker drew hundreds of people, group of handlers and police helicopters with thermal imaging cameras. However Robin hood from Oppenau for a long time managed to hide in the thickets of the forest.

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