Arnold Schwarzenegger voiced his character for the new game “Predator: Hunting Grounds”

The company Illfonic announced the release of a may 26, 2020-the year of major DLC for the new game “Predator: Hunting Grounds”. It will give the opportunity to play for the legendary “Dutch”, aka major Alan Schaefer in the performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original movie “Predator”. This is the first named character for multiplayer shooter series of the next DLC.

Important moment of the faceless hero commando major Dutch in the game was reincarnated into a living person with a difficult fate and history. You can find it from a collector of audio recordings added to the game. But here not all so is simple in addition to modest replicas of the overall plot is thoughtful stories that open only as pumping profile. As a bonus, the player is given a unique rifle QR5 “Hammerhead” and a special blade Datca.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was invited to the draft, so he voiced the very history of your character. Not an easy thing, considering that from the time of the shooting it’s 33 years old and the actor is visibly older. However, the main thing – the signature Austrian accent, who is well remembered by the audience for the original film.

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