Approved a plan to improve the quality of palliative care until 2024

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova signed the plan of measures to improve the quality and availability of palliative care until 2024. The document was prepared with the participation of members of the Council under the government of the Russian Federation on issues of guardianship in the social sphere and the popular front, according to the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The “road map” developed in the development of an appropriate departmental program, it involves improving the quality of life of patients needing palliative care, and a number of other areas in which we will carry out their practical work”, – informed the Deputy Prime Minister explained. She said that in this field still remain unsolved problems.

The adopted document will improve the quality of life and satisfaction with palliative patients, their legal representatives, relatives and other persons caring for the patient, availability of palliative care, provision of medicines, including narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, medical devices, intended to maintain the functions of organs and systems of the human body provides for use at home.

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