Apple starts selling wheels for Mac Pro for the price of a new iPhone

Now Apple sells wheels and legs for the acclaimed Mac Pro 2019 in the form of separate kits. But, like the Mac Pro, both are quite (if not fantastic) expensive.

If your Mac Pro is on the standard legs, and you want easier mobility, set Mac Pro Wheels Kit for $ 699 will give you four wheel in stainless steel. It should be noted that the set of wheels will be cheaper if you buy it as part of the configuration done Mac Pro – so they will cost “only” $ 400.

The Mac Pro kit Feet Kit for $ 299 provides, on the contrary, four legs of stainless steel. They can be installed instead of wheels to keep your Mac Pro stood on the spot, and did not skate.

Apple notifies you that both kits come with hex nuts diameter from 6 to 4 mm, but for their installation “needed extra tools”. Both sets are now available for order.

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