Another threat of coronavirus in patients with CVD

Many patients with life-threatening cardiovascular pathologies refuse to be hospitalized in specialized medical institutions for fear of Contracting novel coronavirus infection. The four patients fsbi national medical research center of therapy and preventive medicine, in the queue for the implantation of devices, correcting the rhythm of the heart, died at home during the may holidays, despite the fact that the medical institution they were ready to do the surgery. This was during an online conference held by the Association of international manufacturers of medical devices IMEDA head of the Department of cardiac rhythm and conduction heart fgbi “national research medical center of therapy and preventive medicine” Karapet Davtyan.

Davtyan noted that in the context of a pandemic, an information policy aimed at minimizing appeals of the population for routine health care. This applies to operations on the installation of devices, correcting the heart rhythm. In particular, we are talking about implantation of cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDS) — devices that prevent the violation of the ventricular rhythm and ventricular fibrillation. This is a life-threatening condition with very high mortality: according to the expert, to reach the hospital alive have only 5% of patients with the onset of such arrhythmias.

Job profile medical institutions in terms of coronavirus pandemic, confined mostly to remote monitoring of these devices via a cellular system.

“Fsbi national medical research center of therapy and preventive medicine have not been converted to work with the COVID-19. But those patients who today we could implant a cardioverter-defibrillators, including from the regions, flatly refuse to come to Moscow, because here a large number infected with novel coronavirus infection — said the Professor. — This propaganda is so aggressive that they are afraid to go outside your home even at the risk of life-threatening situations. That is a theoretical possibility to be infected with coronavirus patients were worse than the real threat of death in case if this device they will not be installed in time. We have yet to learn how many people not killed by the coronavirus, and the fact that they were locked in quarantine. Only during the may holidays killed four patients waiting in our center installation cardioverter-defibrillators – we found out when I called them back to call for the operation.”

As explained by the expert, not only in the regions but in Moscow the number of calls to the center for specialized care has decreased dramatically, despite the fact that the existing hospitals of similar profile is low.

In the structure of mortality from diseases of the circulatory system, death from cardiac arrhythmias is over 80%. Disorders of ventricular rhythm, such as ventricular tachycardia or primary ventricular fibrillation, in which she transformered, are the most common ginepraia pathology. 40% of patients diagnosed with ventricular fibrillation die within two years after the first attack. The installation of pacemakers is a routine operation and it is practically in all territory of the Russian Federation. This technology leads to a decrease in mortality of patients with this diagnosis is 40% (compared with pharmacotherapy allows to reduce mortality by 20-30%). However, from the state budget, these operations are financed only by the Federal service, each year about 12 thousand operations, representing less than 10% of the actual need.

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