Anna Trincher told about how much he earned on the set of the series “School”

The singer of the hit “Short, clear,” the actress and blogger Anna Trincher became the guest of the YouTube show “Glory”. During the interviews the girl openly talked about how much he earned on the set of the popular series “School”.

“Pay us for one shift, which lasted 12 hours. The fees in the first and last season almost did not change. And output per shift was 30 minutes! This is considered a very great timing, because usually in series production a day for 7-10 minutes. We were on a very tight schedule and 2-3 months off season, 30 episodes in 40 minutes!” — admitted Anna.

On the question of host of the show Glory Demin about how much she was paid per shift, Anya said:

“About 1,000 hryvnia per shift. Yes, it was small money, and for processing we did not pay, although often removed and 20 hours per shift. But not everything begins and ends with money. I went into this project to try yourself in the role of an actress to discover new facets of yourself. And, indeed, the “School” gave me a great base, I learned another way to communicate with people, become more healthy”, she said.



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