Anker has released a mobile game console and powerbank in one gadget

Anker company, known for its powerbanks, cables and charging accessories has released an unusual gadget PowerCore Play 6K. In fact, it game controller for smartphones – but it has no buttons, and hidden inside the battery is 6700 mAh and a fan for active cooling. It is compatible with all iOS and Android phones with a size from 5.7 to 6.45 inches.

The lack of physical buttons and sticks is likely to exclude from the users of the PowerCore active subscribers for cloud gaming services like Stadia/xCloud. However, the gadget is well suited for the traditional mobile games that use the touchscreens themselves smartphones. PowerCore Play 6K provides a secure hold of the phone during a game while charging and cooling it.

Built-in battery at 6700 mAh smartphone delivers 12 watts of power via USB-A or 15 watts via a USB S. is Charging it also using USB-C, a full charge takes about three hours.

Housing PowerCore Play 6K sliding and is suitable for phones of almost any size. Anker recommends to remove before playing a protective case to fan gadget better cope with cooling. For convenience, the housing has a small folding stand which allows you to set the phone on the table – for example, to watch the video.

Device PowerCore Play 6K weighs 200 grams and compact enough to fit in your pocket. It is already on sale and costs $ 36.

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