Angelina Jolie fears for the safety of her daughter Zahara: “the System is not able to protect her”

In America, the ongoing rallies and protests that broke out after the assassination of George W. Floyd. The situation in the country concerned and the stars, which are strongly opposed to racism. Angelina Jolie, like no other, indifferent to this problem: the actress was seriously worried about the future of his dark-skinned daughter Zahara.

Concerns the star spoke frankly in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar: “worldwide, more than 70 million people were forced to leave their homes due to war and persecution, and in America still exists racism and discrimination. System that protects me will not be able to protect my daughter or any other man, woman or child with dark skin color. It’s unbearable”.

The actress continued: “We must move from sympathy and good intentions of the laws and policies that will solve the problem of structural racism and impunity. Termination of abuse by police officers is just the beginning. The problem of racism goes far beyond this, encompassing all aspects of society — from education to politics.

People are tired of excuses and half measures. They are the face of the inadequate response on the part of those who are in power. The feeling that the world is emerging from hibernation”.


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