Andrei Romanovich not fully satisfied with the decision of the HLF

As we reported earlier, the championship of Ukraine in volleyball in the women’s super League was officially completed ahead of schedule. Following the tournament, SK “Prometheus” has won many fans and nothing more. “Red-white” was leading the championship throughout the season, but the pandemic is in the early stages of the competition had first to suspend, and then to end without a winner.

The head coach of the Comenius club Andrei Romanovich symbolically likened this decision to the members of the Executive Committee of Federation of volleyball of Ukraine (HLF) with a medal, referring to the two sides. Specialist also reviewed the performances of “Prometheus” this season, pointing out the main advantages and disadvantages of the club.

– Andrey, could you comment on the decision of the HLF to complete the Superleague without awarding medals.
– The decision took 24 people, each of whom has their own understanding of the situation. So I can’t say that it is categorically wrong is on one side of the coin. However, on the other hand, the decision of the representatives of the Executive Committee would be more logical if such a situation arose in the beginning or in the middle of the season. At the time of stoppage of the tournament for two rounds before the end of the regular season, have already decided the winner and the team has confidently finished it in second place (SK “Prometheus” and “the Chemist” – approx.of the author). In addition, almost solved the fate of the third position. Therefore, in my opinion, negate the fight of the tournament is not quite true. After all, the players trained hard, gave a lot of energy and emotion, and in the end got nothing.

– President of SK “Prometheus” Vladimir Dubinsky made it clear that he would support any decision by the HLF…
Yes that is why we have this decision and will not appeal. That’s who I really feel sorry for is the “Galychanka”, which in the regular season virtually guaranteed third place, but still remained without awards. The children fought not for money but for medals and titles, which they never had. I know that Tarnopolsky began preparing for the season in June, because new players need more time to get used to each other. Let’s not forget about the sponsors who spent a year invested, and in the end nothing came.

– The main battle for first place in the super League was between the teams, “Khimik” and “Prometheus”. Perhaps, many volleyball fans wanted to see this confrontation in the last round?
Were all waiting for this fight, but force majeure has confused all the cards. To continue the championship wanted all the clubs. And if to speak about the final part of the competition, there could happen anything. I want to mention that the season was crazy without it. Our main achievement is that “Prometheus” his game has managed to fall in love with many people. For example, in the last home round of coronavirus we played without spectators. Many fans called administrator before those matches and asked what they should do. The girl replied that the money for the tickets required will be returned. And they said, we don’t want money – we want to watch volleyball! That is, such moments are also talking about something.

– Can sum up his team’s performances in the Challenge Cup, national Cup and championship of Ukraine?
– Having rivals “Dresdner” we understand that the odds are against us. The representative of the Bundesliga is well stocked and the years played by a team, and we at that time had decided quite different questions. Good that the club management has come to understand, due to some players in European tournaments to achieve a positive result. As for the Ukrainian Cup, of course, we were disappointed to lose in the semifinals. Players of “Chemist” – well done: a good job of staffing the team, attracting even during the season of powerful players. They were lucky more so at that time they were stronger. We can only congratulate them on their victory. The main thing is that we made conclusions after defeat and quietly began to prepare for the finals of the super League. Last tour with the “poles” showed that the team is moving in the right direction. In “Prometheus” had high hopes to win the championship.

– What duel in this season you remember the most?
– Of course, it is a desperate and tragic at the same time for us semifinal game with Khimik. Matches with southern women were tense and in the championship of Ukraine. In General remember all the fights, in particular a failure in Zhitomir. Not all of our fans knew about the situation at that time in the team: was injury and many other problems. Victory is great, but the losses help to draw useful conclusions.

– What players have formed the backbone of your team?
– All the weight was pulled our combat four: two first rate – Dasha Drozd, Diane Karpets and the main host – Ekaterina Dudnik and Victoria Delires. With varying degrees of success approached angelina with Elena mircheva Napalkova. In the nomination “Young and perspective” was the best she She. During the season she has proved many times that really is a good player, including League games against the same “Chemist”. But the youth shows that the athlete is unstable. Although at this age, a person needs to make mistakes, and parallel to them the insights to move forward. Her nomination is located Katya Tkachenko, which in its 16 years, showed himself a promising child – she has a volleyball future. The debut season was important for us in terms of the result, so the bulk of the games on the site were conducted by experienced Delires. However, moments and Dasha Dudenwk showed that on the background of good work she could be a successful Libero.

– The advantages and disadvantages of the current “Prometheus”?
– We have gathered a team on the move, because of what we failed to complete it to the end. In addition to high-quality players, the coaching staff is not enough assistant and specialist in physical training. And the strength of our club lies in the stability, correct setup and desire to move forward – all this was transmitted to us from President Vladimir Dubinsky.

– It is already known, who will leave the club?
– Because of the coronavirus situation with the players yet hung in the air. Of course, those who have signed long-term contracts remain in the team (Karpets, Angelica, etc.). But we decided not to risk, immediately by signing new agreements with players, where they end. Decided to postpone this procedure for later.

What are you working on now?
Players of “Prometheus” the main thing now is to rest and heal their injuries. We start by picking teams for the next season. Leadership sets the task to move forward, so we will reinforce the position. It is difficult to say exactly which, because it is not known how the world in General will come out of this pandemic and what will happen to the sports, particularly volleyball.

– The debut season was successful for Prometheus?
– Yes, we did build a strong team, who throughout the season showed a good game. We informed all the volleyball world that was born beautiful, strong, stable and ambitious club “Prometheus”.

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