“And our that anyhow talking about the tractor, about a hundred grams, about the bath”. Lukashenko said that the three month “went crazy” due to coronavirus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with supporters in Salihorsk said that the country won coronavirus. A fragment of his speech on 28 June showed the TV channel “Belarus 1”.

Reporters noted that this was a closed meeting, but they managed to get a “unique material – starodavniy dialogue of the President with activists of Minsk region”. According to data of the press service of Lukashenko, he visited Soligorsk district on June 26.

“The EU – coffins, digging, dying in a nursing home coming – and there are hundreds of dead… Russia is isolated all others. “And our that anyhow talking about the tractor, about a hundred grams, about the bath, something else and things like that.” I could not something you say seriously. And when I said that the tractor will be cured, I know I need to sow, because you will have nothing to eat,” he said.

According to him, so he tried to calm people down.

“I, as President, mind stepping down, three months worrying about what is happening with this COVID… I’m not an idiot, I also understand that in the world, one country a special way of dealing with this virus took. Thought: not enough that you do not understand, and God forbid, we can’t stop – you just start on me to wipe their feet. I think it’s easy? It is not easy. But we won,” Lukashenka is convinced.

He said that people in Belarus still hurt, but “even the huge Minsk region has slipped from the plateau,” and every day the number of survivors exceeds the number of new cases.

According to Lukashenko, the authorities ‘ strategy was aimed at dealing with individual foci of infection, but they worked through various scenarios of action, until the imposition of a curfew. He added that “if the whole country rose”, the authorities were ready to enter the isolation mode – “but the Lord regretted”.

According to data of the Ministry of health of Belarus on June 29, the country coronavirus confirmed in 61 790 people, of whom 387 have died and 45 213 is already cured. Belarusian opposition journalists believe that the official statistics on the coronavirus in the country unreliable.

During the epidemic of Belarus has not closed its borders, not to stop the operation of businesses, shops, food establishments and education. Also, there was no ban on mass gatherings, despite the fact that the experts of the world health organization urged the authorities to introduce restrictive measures.

Flash coronavirus infection COVID-19 began in late 2019 in China. March 11, 2020, the world health organization declared the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. According to data from the American Johns Hopkins University, the total number of infected people in the world exceeded 10.1 million, of which more than 5,16 million recovered, and 502,6 thousand died.

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