Anastasiya MERKUSHYNA: “I not only HAVE a dad coach but also mom”

The biathlete Anastasia Merkushyna of Ukraine, who trained separately from the team of Juraj Sanitra, spoke about home workouts.

“My dad not only coach, but also a mother, she is also a former biathlete. It after his sports career did to me the first steps and gave a solid basis. So what we have today in the house two coaches with the title of “Honored coach of Ukraine”. It’s great when parents you not only understand, but support, put your soul and heart, and also money for sports for me are not spared.

I remember when I bought a dress for the prom, dad looked at the price tag and exclaimed, “For the money you can buy the post for training.” Even when there was a choice: family needs were important to life things or I had to go to the competition, chose the second,” – said Merkushin.

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