An interview with Gordon Posner. Where and when to watch

Tonight on the YouTube channel “visiting Gordon” released an interview with the Russian journalist, TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, said GORDON , the founder of the publication, the journalist Dmitry Gordon.

Interview recorded on 22 April via Skype.

During the interview, Posner said about the coronavirus, quarantine, the recruitment of the KGB, the attitude to Russia, Russian President Vladimir Putin, annexation of Crimea and war in Donbas, President Vladimir Zelensky and death.

“Anyway, I’m not Russian. Internally I’m a stranger. Here, in this apartment, I feel at home. Here I have a beautiful home, lovely wife. But still, when I come to France, my soul just sings”, – said the journalist.

Stream will start at 18.00.

Posner was born in 1934 in Paris; father – an emigrant from Russia, the mother is French. In 1940, when France was occupied by the Germans, the family moved to the United States. The father, being the patriot of the Soviet Union, began to cooperate with Soviet intelligence. When the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union deteriorated, the family moved to East Germany, where Posner in 1950 he received a Soviet passport. Two years later, Posner moved to Moscow. He graduated from biologo-soil faculty of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov.

After graduation, he earned a transfer in a few years began working as a journalist. He worked in the USSR radio and television, on the American channel CNBC, on the Russian “First channel”. Priopel has a great reputation as a leading space bridges of the USSR – USA. Now leads the author’s program “Pozner” on “the First channel”.

The author of a dozen nonfiction books. Together with his brother owns in Moscow a French restaurant “Geraldine”. A citizen of Russia, France and the United States.

In 2019 in Ukraine Posner made in the base of the “Peacemaker”because a journalist had illegally visited the occupied Crimea.

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