An Autonomous robot scientist conducts experiments without human help

Developed at the University of Liverpool (UK) new robot performs the functions of the laboratory, it can independently plan and carry out experiments. It was created to help scientists to perform routine work, like finding the optimal reagent for a specific reaction when you need to experiment with hundreds of options. And he did it literally in the first shift he found a photocatalyst activity six times greater than the analogues.

Structurally, the robot is a cart on wheels with a universal manipulator arm, which can use different grips for better interaction with the laboratory equipment. The robot knows the location of the objects in the room, alone paves the best route, he plans course of action and makes adjustments depending on the results of the experiments. This machine is able to analyze the results of their work and it is not a pattern, and decides, based on the situation.

In memory of the robot 98 million algorithms perform different operations. He can choose the reagents and dosing them start the reaction, to use lab tools, conduct a number of measurements of tens of parameters. To think creatively a robot can not, but in the ordinary laboratory work, mistakes are not allowed. And therefore able to carry out important assignments faster and more effective person.

The first shift of the robot lasted for eight days, 192 hours, he worked 172, and the rest of the time spent recharging batteries. The robot does not receive any commands in the process, he independently conducted 688 experiments and eventually found the new photocatalyst.

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