An American aircraft carrier on which an outbreak COVID-19, again out to sea

The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is almost two months was on the base in GUAM due to the outbreak of the coronavirus on Board, returned to the sea. About it reported a press-service of naval forces of the United States.

From 21 may the ship is in the Philippine sea and serves as the basis for the qualification of flight of the wing.

“After the temporary relocation of nearly 4,000 sailors on shore, and disinfecting the entire ship, from bow to stern, is necessary to control the carrier number of the members of the crew returned from quarantine with strict criteria for return to service”, – is told in the message.

As explained by the new captain of an aircraft carrier Carlos Sardiello, to ensure that the qualification flight is not required the presence on Board of all crew members; in addition, the reduction of staff numbers will help in maintaining social distance.

Theodore Roosevelt arrived on GUAM on 27 March. The then commander Brett crozier reported about the outbreak of coronavirus infection on Board. In the letter, which was leaked to the press, he demanded the immediate evacuation of the entire crew. “We are not at war. Sailors don’t need to die,” wrote crozier. The media found out that he is also infected.

The commander of the naval forces of the country Thomas Modly fired crozier, stating that the telegram was not sent on a secure military channels, and because the captain is guilty of the leak. Soon Model he resigned.

On 20 April it became known that at least 672 of the team members of almost 4800 discovered coronavirus. AboutDean a sailor died.

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