Amnesty International has accused the Russian military and Assad’s forces of war crimes in Syria

Human rights organization Amnesty International released a report which States that in the period from 5 may 2019, 25 February 2020, the Syrian government forces and the Russian military have committed 18 attacks on hospitals and schools in the Syrian provinces of Idlib, Hama and Aleppo.

This situation has led to a new wave of refugees, their number was estimated at 1 million people.

“Even by the standards of a disastrous nine-year crisis in Syria, the displacement and the humanitarian emergency caused by the recent onslaught in Idlib, was unprecedented,” say the defenders.

According to them, in the specified period, the Syrian and the Russian military made three surface attack, two attack helicopters, the other strikes with aircraft.

In the period from December 2019 to February 2020, when the situation in Idlib deteriorated sharply, air and ground attacks were damaged or destroyed 10 medical facilities, 28 schools, killed nine health workers, as well as civilians.

The report is based on the testimonies of 74 people, including doctors, teachers and humanitarian workers. The study also used satellite images and intercepted messages about the flights of Russian and Syrian aircraft.

Witnesses told human rights defenders, including on the Syrian military using banned cluster bombs.

“Amnesty International conducted the investigation allowed to conclude that the Syrian and Russian government forces are responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law in North-West Syria, deliberately attacking civilians and civilian objects such as hospitals and schools, they also is unable to distinguish between civilians and militants and used banned weapons. They commit war crimes and those who ordered them, or commit, should bear criminal responsibility”, – stated in the message.

The military conflict in Syria lasts since 2011. In the fighting at various times included government troops, opposition, radical Islamists, the Kurds, militants of the “Islamic state”, as well as the armed forces of the Russian Federation, USA, Iran and Turkey. In the conflict, Turkey has provided military support to the Syrian opposition, and Russia – government forces.

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