American intelligence said that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was not created artificially. Trump was outraged

The US intelligence community concluded that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was not artificially created or modified. A statement published on the website of the office of the Director of National intelligence on April 30.

“The intelligence community agrees with the broad scientific consensus that the virus [causing disease] COVID-19, were not artificially created or genetically modified,” – said in a statement.

In the intelligence community have said that you support the U.S. government and those who lead the fight that has emerged in China with the virus.

“The intelligence community will continue to scrutinize new information and intelligence to determine if the outbreak is caused by contact with infected animals or it happened by accident in a laboratory in [China’s] Wuhan”, – said the representatives of intelligence.

The U.S. intelligence community (IC) combines a dozen different us intelligence agencies, noted “Voice of America”. Work IC controls onFIS Director of national intelligence.

The us media noted that similar applications for exploration are unusual. The US intelligence community made it a few hours after the newspaper The New York Times citing sources said that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump are pushing intelligence agencies to find evidence that the cause of an outbreak of coronavirus was the work of the laboratory in Wuhan.

Trump at a press briefing on 30 April rejected the intelligence, said “the Voice “of America”. He said he had seen reports indicating that the new coronavirus appeared in the lab.

The President explained why he is confident in this assessment. “I’m not allowed to tell you that,” said trump.

He stressed that there are many theories regarding the origin of the virus. “Look where he came,” – said the President of the United States.

April 16, the American TV channel Fox News, citing several sources familiar with the decisions of the authorities of China and had seen the relevant documents, reported that “patient zero” with the coronavirus was an employee of the Wuhan lab. Documents seen by the interlocutors Fox News, describe in detail how doctors in the lab trying to contain the spread of the virus in the early stages. The sources of the TV channel said that the Wuhan market animals and seafood “huanan”, which is called the possible source of the virus, never sold bats, and suggest that Chinese authorities are specifically came up with this version in order to divert suspicion from the lab.

Trump said that the United States “will examine this terrible situation.”

The foreign Ministry of China said that the version about the leak of a coronavirus from laboratory of Wuhan has no evidence.

Scientists believe that the chain of transmission of the virus SARS-CoV-2 were involved wild animals. According to data from the world health organization, the natural reservoir of SARS-CoV-2, most likely, are the bats and the transmission of the virus to people, I went through another intermediate animal, domestic, wild or domesticated, which is not yet identified.

According to information of the American Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected with the coronavirus in the world exceeded 3.2 million people, including more than 1 million recovered, and 233 thousand died.

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