American Floyd, after whose death in the U.S. the protests began, was a coronavirus

The resident American city of Minneapolis (Minnesota), George Floyd, after whose death the country was gripped by protests, discovered coronavirus infection. On 4 June, citing data from the autopsy reports NBC News.

In a report published by the office of medical Hennepin County, said that on April 3 the test of Floyd on the genetic code of the virus (RNA) gave a positive result, and after death may 25, the same test was positive again.

The document also says that coronavirus infection in the body Floyd could not manifest as symptoms.

The TV channel notes that test positive for the RNA does not necessarily mean that the person is contagious.

African American George Floyd died on may 25 after a tough police detention in Minneapolis. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation. The patrol suspected Floyd that he paid with a fake $ 20 bill.

Residents of the city in protest took to the streets and began to pelt police with firecrackers and bottles. Unknown persons set fire to several industrial and commercial buildings, as well as a police station. Native of Floyd appealed to the protesters asking them not to allow looting and violence.

May 29, law enforcement authorities detained the police Shovina, which used a rear naked choke against Floyd.

The protests spread to almost the entire country. The authorities took the decision to use the national guard in several cities. By 2 June in nine U.S. States, killing 11 people, among them – both police and demonstrators.

3 Jun filed charges against three officers of the Minneapolis police in the case of the death of Floyd.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, on June 4 in the US, the coronavirus has infected more than 1.8 million, 107 thousand of them died in 479 thousand recovered.

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