Amazon is actively expanding the network of robotic couriers Scout

This week representatives of the largest online shopping site Amazon announced the expansion of the scope of its Autonomous delivery system. It has already fared well at the beginning of the pandemic, allowing corporations to safely serve customers. And as the second wave COVID-19 not far off, it is necessary to extend the scope of the transport drones.

The system will remain robots family Scout – the Autonomous vehicle platform the size of a large cooler. They are confidently guided in urban areas, can plan routes, know how to go around obstacles and avoid accidents with pedestrians and Pets. Prior to that, the robots worked in Seattle and Irvine (California), and now they want to see in completely different regions with different climate and other local traditions, how people relate to the robots-messenger on the streets?

The company did not specify how many robots will be introduced on the route, several vehicles or several hundred. They will work only in the daytime, and the distance of the movement of goods is restricted to walking distance, so emergency employees can quickly be in place. Delivery service is only available for members of Amazon Prime.

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