Amazon challenges Google its own Stadia to game service the Project Tempo

It is expected that by 2025 the market of computer games will grow to $300 billion and Amazon has announced its plans to obtain the solid part of the pie. Albeit later than the others, but she also runs a private cloud Project of the Tempo for remote play. In addition, the company invested in the development of content, and by the summer will present several major exclusives.

The main weapon of the Amazon – own services, cloud computing, the most powerful in the world. Technically there are no obstacles similar to Google Stadia to organize running games in the cloud, with remote control even with a weak PC, even with a tablet. You have already created and actively use a special game engine Amazon Lumberyard, which allows you to use all the benefits of cloud services for carrying out multiplayer battles.

Formally, Studio, Amazon Game Studios has been working since 2012, but in the last few years, the company increased its investment in this area. Last year they released a joint project with the Athlon Games – MMO “Lord of the Rings”. This year, in the framework of the Project, the Tempo, the prepared Crucible game and New World. The first is a team shooter with non-standard rules, the second reveals the fantasy world in the spirit of westerns.

Separately, Amazon has redefined the destiny of Twitch, which belongs to the Corporation. The company hopes to combine services and cloud technology to make an interactive game show. For example, when a reputable streamer invites you to their virtual team a few viewers and plays with them. And translates the gameplay for everyone else, calling to join, compete, etc.

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