Almost the entire crew of the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle have recovered from coronavirus

Most of the sailors of the aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle, who had a positive test result for coronavirus in April, has recovered, according to BMF TV.

According to the French Navy, from 1082 positive results at COVID-19 only 18 sailors from Charles De Gaulle remain quarantined at a military base in Toulon. Two sailors in the hospital because of their infection, one of them is in intensive care in a military hospital of St. Anne.

Disinfection of the aircraft carrier named Charles de Gaulle completed. The ship and its crew now qualified and are in working condition. Boat available and ready. But no operation is scheduled prior to this time.

The carrier began a campaign on January 21. A few weeks he was in the Mediterranean sea, then moved North, thence into the Atlantic ocean. The last stop took place on March 15 at the port of Brest (France), after the aircraft carrier was in the Atlantic, with the outside world no contact. Radio RFI notes that during the stay in Brest seamen’s families were not allowed to go on Board the ship, but crew members were able to meet with relatives in the city.

After returning to Toulon inthe CE, the crew members were quarantined in the barracks.

In the country’s defense Ministry announced that the Charles De Gaulle will be held disinfection.

Charles De Gaulle – the only active aircraft carrier of the French Navy, the first French surface warship with a nuclear power plant. On the aircraft carrier at the same time can be up to 40 aircraft and about 2,000 crew members.

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