Alle Kostromicheva — 34: the top 5 weird facts about the models that will surprise you

Thursday, June 11, his birthday notes Alla Kostromicheva is a Ukrainian model with a world name, leading the project “Top model in Ukrainian”, which produces a New channel and just a real Cosmo girl! Beauty turned 34, and she summed up the year.

“This year I made a big step forward. Realized that my path is mine alone. Everything that happens, good or bad, just my experience. Realized that a friend is not in trouble and in joy, or rather, the lack of envy. Also, I’ve been honest with yourself. Heard of honest? Yes, this thing works! Be face to face with their fears and say to yourself: “Yes, I am jealous because I don’t accept myself”, “Yes, I slouch because my inner little girl is afraid of you” and so on. The main thing — to get to the bottom”, — said Alla.

The birthday of supermodel tell 5 strange facts about her:

  • Alla can simultaneously drink tea and coffee;
  • per day a leading New channel like 20 times collects hair and again dismisses them;
  • Kostromicheva never wears what you have planned before;
  • she buys a lip balm and do not use them;
  • once Alla was shocked by her boyfriend (now her husband) that tied his hat.

Congratulations to our favorite Cosmo girl, happy birthday and wish to Shine even brighter!

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