All seriously: Dan Balan introduced Tina Karol with my mom

Yesterday zritelei 1+1 TV channel saw the final stage of the knockout in the tenth anniversary season of the show “Golos Krainy” — for four seats in the air fought nine members of the team of Tina Karol. But not only the performances of talented performers riveted the attention of the public

Throughout the release, the singer and her neighbor in the judges ‘ chairs Dan Balan continued to flirt, hug and try to warm up the rumors about his novel, but in the end still on the scene and suddenly there… mother of the artist.

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Publication of the voice of the country (@goloskrainy_official) 13 APR 2020 12:20 PDT

The woman sang several songs, including the wedding, I met with Tina (with which they, as he said himself, Dan is very similar!) and noted that her “coalition” of the son and of singer like. And you?

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Publication of the voice of the country (@goloskrainy_official) 11 APR 2020 at 9:43 am PDT

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