Algeria asked France to make a full apology for the colonial era

Algeria and France can come to a “peaceful relations”, if you will address the issue of colonial past. On 4 July in an interview with TV channel France 24 said the President of Algeria Abdelmajid Tibbon.

According to him, previously France brought “quasi-apology for the crimes committed during the colonial period.” From the current French President Emmanuel Macron Tebben waiting for a full apology.

He believes that the Macron “clean reputation” in relation to the colonial past, he is honest and sincere to history, therefore, is able to achieve reconciliation and to “resolve issues relating to monuments and memory.”

Tibbon did not rule out that the path to the establishment of normal contacts between two independent States can be a long one.

The overhaul to the eras of slavery and colonialism was launched in may 2020 during protests related to the killing of U.S. African American George Floyd.

France annexed Algeria in 1834. In the years 1954-1962 during the war for independence of the North African state killed about 500 thousand people. France won a military victory over rebels of the national liberation Front, but recognized the right of the Algerian nation to self-determination.

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