Alexander LUKASHENKO: “Our people – well done, just handsome”

Belarus, despite the criticism, it does not introduce in the country the quarantine for pandemic coronavirus, and the President of the state Alexander Lukashenko believes that people do the right thing.

“I have a small claim, but only a little. Our people – well done. Where to go, go to the store, pharmacy, work, school. Come, rest, breathe fresh air, lay down to sleep. The elderly – those do well, just handsome. And we are not “persecuted”, we just told them what it could lead. So here is our style, our system of combating coronavirus. And not just with him.”

“God forbid that we pass this period as we predicted. We now climbed up. Slightly dropped. And God forbid that were so, we quietly in a month to finish this epic.”

“Look after yourself, look after their families, in order not to lose work to some income was. So we survived until the entire world economy stopped.”

“Shut easier. But to open so the people went out, and the second wave of this epidemic are not covered, is the issue. So while I don’t see what’s not right. Maybe something is not right. Maybe we haven’t all seen. It will take time – will assess the situation, draw appropriate conclusions,” – said Lukashenko, in comments to BelTA.

The championship of Belarus on football continues, according to the plan already played 7 rounds.

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