Alexander Emelianenko And Magomed Ismailov. Forecast and the announcement to fight

Friday, July 24, in Sochi on empty “Adler-Arena” will pass tournament ASA 107, in main event which will take place a duel in heavy weight between Alexander Emelianenko and Magomed Ismailov.

It should be noted that fighters for the past six months preparing for a fight since their meeting was originally scheduled for April 3 in Moscow, but the epidemic COVID-19 led to the transfer of the tournament to a later date.

The match preview

Infamous Emelianenko early in his preparation for the bout with Ismailov in the beginning of the year landed in a legal scandal. On the night of 21 January in Anapa, he once again abused alcohol and became violent, for which he received 7 days of arrest. So the fighter didn’t break bout with Ismailov, the following month, he returned to Chechnya, where continued to train at a local club “Ahmad”, observing a strict sports regime.

In Chechnya, Alexander had one of the best camps of his career. Freed from jail in early 2017, he starts cooperation with the club and the League of “Ahmad” after spending less than a year, as much as 6 matches. In the first five AE knock opponents no later than the second round and sixth after the resumption of his career the fight he brings in a draw. In August of 2018 Tony Johnson gave the Russians a lot of problems in the stalls, which led to the fact that the referee after the fight, raised his two hands.

We can say that since then, Emelianenko is not performed. After leaving Grozny, it was followed by a series of canceled fights, and returned to the sport he’s only in November 2019. Of course, if it can be called “big sport”, as Emelianenko held a Boxing match against not having experience in the martial arts of strongman Michael Koklyaev. Many thought it was a freak fight, and indeed, koklyaev became an easy victim for the opponent falls from his hands in the first round.

For the time that Emelianenko was on vacation from MMA fighter middle weight Ismailov spent three of the most important fight in his career. In October of 2018 on Fight Nights Global 90 it ended in a draw “hipoly” fight against Vladimir Mineev. Going to ASA, Mohammed last year for palaonda knocked out the experienced Vyacheslav Vasilevsky, and then passed on points ex-champion of M-1 Artem Frolov.

Forecast for battle

Ismailov is a very big name in Russian MMA, but let’s not forget that he is one of the tops in the Middleweight division. He has good wrestling skills, quick hands, good footwork and cardio. But all of its main advantages is it implemented against much smaller opponents than Fedor. With the upcoming opponent at “Magicians” huge difference in size. Despite the fact that especially for a battle he “Otel meat”, Ismailov will still lose about 15 kg in weight and 20 cm in length, besides the native of Dagestan is much shorter hands.

From Emelianenko despite the fact that he is a master of sports of Russia in Sambo and judo, his career, repeatedly had difficulties with those who are strong in grappling. Submisson he lost to Josh Barnett, Fabricio Werdum and the Jeff Monson. In his “new era” he had difficulties with Mr Pastoi mentioned Johnson. But how can realize their wrestling potential Ismailov, when he confronts a very large opponent? But potjazhelevshie Ismailov first need to go to Emelianenko. That long and very fast hands for his size. Emelianenko in his last fights showed good Boxing skills and knockout power in his fists, due to which he finished his opponents.

A lot will depend on what form suitable Emelianenko to fight. On paper he has almost all the cards in his hands. The battle designed for 3 rounds, so he should not fear that he loses in stamina Ismailov. Judging by the pictures from Instagram Alexander and strict control in Chechnya, condition in battle he will be excellent. Several months of hard work were not in vain.

Assume that Emelianenko feeling for distance and rhythm, will break Ismailov his long arms, accumulating damage. Ismailov has not yet been knocked out and is famous for its strong “beard”, so it is either worthy to the end, or lose a stop in the second half of the fight because of the tonnage of missed punches.

Emelianenko win by TKO in the 3rd round

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