Alexander BARBEL: “I fell into the hands of fame at the age of 19. I’m like a star”

Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk told that early success in Boxing career made to feel a real star.

“I fell into the clutches of fame, it happened in 19 years. I was the winner of the championship of Europe among adults. Wow, I became a master of the international class, I have increased the salary, was given the award even. Of course, I thought very cool. Remember, even quarreled with his wife and even the type dispersed.”

“I’m the type of star. As McGregor. But I came to his spiritual mentor. What happens to me? And somehow we bypassed it.”

“I lost the next championship of Ukraine, did not go to the European championship and even went to another category,” – said the Mustache during a speech on the Dream BIG Forum.

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