Alexander BABICH: “I really miss football and training”

Head coach of “Mariupol”, Alexander Babich told about the exit command from quarantine-associated coronavirus pandemic.

“I can say that all really missed football and training. To say that quarantine has benefited, we can’t. But this easing of the quarantine we approached professionally. 13 may we plan to take PCR tests. Until that time, and until the results come back we can’t train in large groups. We have three natural fields, and we can simultaneously train up to 12 people.

Already painted a work plan to boost up, we will not, because it is very worried about the health of the players. We really can’t assess the condition of our players, only for 2-3 days will be able to do it and to adjust the program. Probably not all were able to adhere to our instructions. We had a time that was closed to everything: base, parks, and squares. They could only run around or go somewhere outside the city,” said Babich.

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