Alex ANDRONOV: “Rebrov in Russia will not go”

Commentator Alexei Andronov shared his opinion about the contract extension of head coach of “Locomotive” Yuri Semin with the club.

“About Semin and “Locomotive” scribbled tons of paper and millions of screens. Poor Nikolic, I think hiccups every day for 100 times.

But, in my opinion, all discussing something. I’m not a fan of “Locomotive”, I look at the situation simply. Sport. Only a sport. Semin brought before the break (he invented it?) the team in second place. Highest possible. On the ground you know who’s a monster. Yes, collapsed “Krasnodar”. But Semin is not in a taxi this afternoon, and not on the stove sat. And to beat “Rostov”.

To deprive him of this intermediate success – not fair from the point of view of sport. If they finish – let me finish him, not Nikolic! And if not there will be “zeroed out” – he deserved another chance! And he never failed in “Loco”, but not have passed the group in the Champions League – but whether it was “Zenit”, and the earlier (defeated twice real) CSKA? Reached whether to Krasnodar? Or maybe there Nikolic extravaganza?

It’s just my opinion. Respect and value the achievements of man, a club legend. There is no reason why Semin’s contract should not be renewed. And no, by the way, assign Nikolic. In Hungary, only one coach can be considered is Sergei Rebrov, but he’s in Russia will not go…,” wrote Andronov.

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