AI redrew historical video of the landing on the moon in high quality

NASA has accumulated a lot of archives that there is no one to put in order because of a lack of funding for the Agency. Therefore, it is forced to entrust this job to individuals, like the Studio DutchSteamMachine, which deals with “modernization” of old footage. One of the last works of the project is dedicated to the landing of American astronauts on the moon – the original video quality at 12 FPS improved to 60 FPS.

The main tool to handle the old video, which is filmed with a low frequency, was the technology of Depth-Aware video frame INterpolation (DAIN). This AI is open source, free and actively growing. It takes two consecutive original video frame and analyzes them to understand what objects and where it has shifted. The AI generates intermediate frames that render this process of displacement. Because originally the film was “Jumpy” (due to low framerate), such a saturation of talent going for him, adds smoothness and improves the picture clarity.

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