A view from Russia. Why do you soak the top of their boxers?

Russian writer and musician Richard Semashko published his opinion about the scandalous situation around the Ukrainian boxers Alexander Usik and Vasyl Lomachenko, who starred in the Russian film about Orthodoxy.

To give readers the opportunity to understand how they see the scandal in Russia, and guided by the principle of listening to the opinions of all parties Sport.ua publishes an abbreviated text of the article (often not agreeing with the opinion of its author).

“Living in Ukraine is a great boxer Alexander Usik. It turned out that the absolute world champion in the first heavy weight, the only winner of the championship belts for all versions of the most prestigious among professional boxers of today, and even what is called good guy. Beautiful family, God-fearing attitude towards life, sense of humor, love for his country – all of it.

Now, the irony in Ukrainian is: the steeper you have a national hero, the harder it should be wet. The fact that Barbel together with another Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko became the main actor in the Russian film about the Church, “Hello, brother, Christ is Risen.” The boys talk about God, go to the monastery, and talking about a friendly (Christian) attitude to his brothers, including those who live in Russia. Totally harmless, bright and warm film. But not for Ukraine, of course.

The Peacemaker website accused them of involvement in anti-Ukrainian propaganda activities and the denial of the Russian aggression, called opponents of the independence of Ukrainian Orthodoxy. Some Ukrainians began to demand that the boxer’s change of nationality in the Russian. Well, right, why Ukraine two more global stars, when is Klitschko!

Some went further. For example, freestyle wrestler Bogdan Gritsai challenged Alexander Usik – wants duel with no rules. Or rather, wants the Ukrainian hype (also without rules). In addition to the film is the reason comic movie Mustache in Instagram, where he was invited to fight divan expert… To fight, by the way, the Tendril agreed on the rules of Boxing. Anyone wishing to fight were offered to undergo medical examination and get in line – a lot of visitors.

It’s funny that in Russia the talk, in the spirit of the Ukrainians – brotherly nation, not that is not uncommon, and stereotype that all Russian athletes (as well as representatives of show business) tirelessly repeated. If a person says that he loves Ukraine and Ukrainians, and they say almost everything, it does not mean dirty deeds [of politicians], but if Alexander Usik said that among his friends there are Russian, he immediately recognizes that the Russian Crimea, and friends it is Putin and Kadyrov.

That is, if you are an athlete post-Soviet countries, you just have to throw insults on big brother to show his hatred for non-Imperial destiny, and if you don’t, you’re a national traitor.

Why are you such a country if you take the most famous boxer in the world who from morning till evening waving your flag, says everywhere that he is a Ukrainian patriot, praying for the salvation of your souls, and you want it to fight cause that to deprive of citizenship? Sasha, well, if suddenly deprived of the truth, you know where you belong and love, even with the Ukrainian flag.”

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