A prototype of the future helicopter of the U.S. Army already accelerates to 380 km/h

The Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant is one of two candidates to become the main helicopter of the U.S. army to replace the obsolete UH-60 Black Hawk. During a recent test flight he was able to accelerate to the speed of 383 km/h. For comparison, his predecessor develops a maximum of 358 km/h and cruising speed is 286 km/h. Defiant is designed to carry four crew members and twelve passengers.

Competitor SB-1 Defiant in the framework of the development of army long-range aircraft (FLRAA) – the tiltrotor Bell V-280 Valor. The program managers have to choose a new medium helicopters, which will replace the aforementioned UH-60M Black Hawk and attack helicopter AH-64E Apache. FLRAA starts in 2022 and ends in early 2030, when a new machine is put into service.

SB-1 Defiant

The basic requirements of the army for new helicopter greater speed and range than legacy models, in connection with what the participants already suggested a number of new technological solutions.

In particular, Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 uses a set of two coaxial rotor blades, complemented by a tail pusher propeller. According to the developers, the “final” version of the Defiant will fly at a speed of 530 km/h.

In turn, the device Bell is a tiltrotor like the V-22 Osprey, capable of turning his wing and screws for vertical takeoffs, landings and horizontal flight.

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