“A huge mistake”. The Iranian Prosecutor’s office explained why the operator of the air defense system fired a missile at Ukrainian Boeing

Technical problem and wrong actions of the military personnel responsible for air defense led to the plane crash, “International airlines of Ukraine”. On 29 June, reported military Prosecutor of Tehran Gholam Abbas Torquay, reports Mehr.

According to him, on the morning of 8 January the electronic system of the mobile complex air defense was rebooted, after which incorrectly reflected the true North. Taken after takeoff heading West Ukrainian Boeing operator took over the facility, approaching the capital from the North-West.

“The operator of the air defense system was notified of the detected target parent coordinating center, but got no response. Unfortunately, the operator made a start, although the relationship with the centre has been interrupted for a few seconds. A huge mistake was that the system worked without a permit,” said Torquay.

He stressed that all those responsible for the activation of defense systems arrested.

Torquay also denied rumors that there was a cyber attack on military electronic systems, which could lead to the negligence of the operator.

Passenger plane Boeing 737-800 flight PS752 “Ukraine International airlines”, which was heading from Tehran to Kiev crashed on 8 January near the capital of Iran. On Board were 167 passengers and nine crew members. No one survived. Among the victims were 11 citizens of Ukraine. Most of the passengers were citizens of Iran and Canada.

The Iranian authorities, who claimed at first that the plane crashed due to technical malfunction, January 11 under pressure from Western leaders acknowledged that the PS752 flight was shot down by an Iranian missile by mistake.

On 6 June in Tehran announced the completion of the investigation into the crash, although the black boxes are still not deciphered. Iran sends them to the Bureau of investigation and analysis of the safety of civil aviation of France, the transcript should begin on July 20.

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