A fan of Manchester United set a legacy for the championship of Liverpool and enriched

English MU fan won a lot of money putting his inheritance in the amount of 55 thousand pounds for the victory of Liverpool in the Premier League 2019/20.

55-year-old fan of “Manchester United” Tony ward nervously awaited the results of the Premier League since the start of the quarantine in March. In the end, he received a payout of over £91 thousand, when Liverpool won in the Premier League.

Tony inherited 55 thousand pounds when his mother rose died in 2017 at the age of 82 years. He made a bid for Liverpool in October 2019, with a factor 1.66.

Ward said: “Liverpool played like they could win the title. I chose them after a long, long disputes.” Then fan watched Liverpool ahead of Manchester city, and the title was just a formality until the pandemic coronavirus.

Tony, who is a fan of “Manchester United”, and then painfully waited until the season resumed in mid-June: “I would back my bid if the season was cancelled. But that would be unfair”. The victory of Liverpool was so obvious. They had only six points”.

Now Tony ward is planning a trip abroad, leaving the rest of the money in the Bank: “I like big festivals. The rest for a rainy day. Mom wouldn’t mind what I did with her money, not at all. She liked the risk. She liked horses. But I would give everything to have my mom by my side.”

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