A court in Moscow has upheld the decision to arrest Safronova

The Moscow city court today approved the decision to arrest former journalist, adviser to the head of “Roscosmos” Ivan Safronov on charges of treason. About it reports RBC.

The appeal of the defence was considered in closed session due to the fact that in the case before the court, there are links to the secret data.

The defense asked to release the person under the personal guarantee of dozens of Russian journalists and the chief editor. Investigator Alexander Shepherd, in turn, filed a motion for admission of appeals of new operational documents on the Safronov – those that have not been presented to the court of first instance.

According to the defense, thus the investigator may try to “save his position”.

The investigator Shepherd is well known, in the case of treason, 76-year-old scientist from the Institute of Victor Kudryavtsev, the Agency says.

On 13 July the journalists of the Kremlin pool recorded a video in support of former colleagues.

On the morning of 7 July in Moscow detained Safronov. In the Russian FSB accused him of working for “one of the secret services of NATO”.

According to investigators, Safronov in 2017, five years after recruitment, “through the Internet gave intelligence of the Czech Republic classified information on military cooperation of Russia with the middle East and African countries.” Exploration of the Czech Republic, according to the prosecution, acted under the leadership of the United States. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic refused to comment on this information.

In the evening the Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested Safronova until September 6. Adviser to the head of the Roscosmos believes that he is being persecuted for his journalistic activities.

Lawyers Safronov said that he refused to sign the document to disclose information about the investigation.

July 13, Safronov was charged with treason.

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