A bill to create a Hungarian autonomy in Romania has passed the lower house of Parliament, but the Senate rejected it

For the first time in the history of the supporters of the education of Hungarian autonomy in Romania has made passage of the bill through the lower house of Parliament – the Chamber of deputies. About it reports Digi24.

29 APR MPs approved a bill on the so-called procedure and task the document is considered adopted if not expressed no objection.

In accordance with the initiative of the Hungarian and Romanian languages shall be equally used in public institutions Segascope region – a region densely populated by the Hungarian minority.

The temporary President of the Senate (the upper house of Parliament) Robert Cazanciuc convened an emergency meeting, the agenda of which was one issue – the rejection of the bill about autonomy. Day 29 APR 126 senators voted against the adoption of the document voted only nine deputies from the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania.

Hungarian minority in Romania has a population of approximately 1.2 million people. It has long sought political empowerment. According to the Constitution, Romania is a unitary and indivisible state.

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