7 biggest transfer market blunders, PEP Guardiola

Coach Josep Guardiola is known in the football world not only as a tactical genius of our time, but also as an outstanding perfectionist. In particular, it is so Spanish coach characterize his many wards. For example, Dani Alves in an interview, said bluntly: “Guardiola is a genius-a Methodist, a genius and a nonconformist, genius-perfectionist, all that makes him unique.”

However, even the great and inimitable mistakes happen. Today we will try to allocate seven main transfer mistakes PEP Guardiola’s…


Transfer route: “Celta” – “Manchester city”
Amount of transfer: 18 million euros

Spanish winger Nolito was one of the first acquisitions of PEP Guardiola after coming to the post of coach of “Manchester city”. In the “Celta” this midfielder has proved himself just fine, scoring at least ten goals in each of the three held the team from Vigo seasons in La Liga. However, by taking a promotion and moving to England, Nolito openly sour, but at the time of transfer he was no green and untried youngster – the Spaniard was already under thirty. In the end, Manchester city Nolito only spent one season, playing 30 matches, but having not much playing time. On average he conducted and one half per match played. After a year of living in Manchester Nolito began to tell reporters that from living in England, his daughter changed the color of the person who has become so as if she “lives in a cave”…

In the summer of 2017 Manchester city sold Nolito in Sevilla, generated from the transaction is € 7 million. And although one can hardly say that this transfer sheikhs, speaking English club, significantly poorer, but Guardiola’s faith in this football player was one of the major errors in coaching career.

Aleksandr HLEB

The route of the transfer: “Arsenal” – “Barcelona”
The amount of the transfer: € 17 million

Belarusian midfielder Alexander Hleb at an early age left home for the move to Germany, where a good showing in the “Stuttgart”. Then came the move to Arsenal, which also had a positive effect on the career of the player. But following the decision Hleb was the deciding factor in the ensuing recession. In the summer of 2008, Alexander had accepted the offer of “Barcelona”, which was headed by Josep Guardiola. In the camp of “blaugranas” Belarusian played only one season, taking part in 36 matches in all tournaments. However, the average spent on the field only about 46 minutes, which is why we can definitely say that the decisive role of the glib, as it was in his Arsenal for Barcelona did not play. Subsequently, the Belarusian admitted that Guardiola “could not get through to him”, but essentially it does not change.

Barcelona thrice sent Gleb a rent – to Stuttgart, Birmingham and Wolfsburg before finally written off in February 2012. It was then that the Belarusian moved from the “Barcelona” in Russian “wings of the Soviets”, and his career is slowly but surely slid to an inglorious end. In March of this year it became known that Gleb hung up football boots on a nail.


Transfer route: “Palmeiras” – “Barcelona”
Amount of transfer: 14 million euros

In 2008, young Keirrison like to be “noise” in his native Brazil, and then looks at him wrapped several top European clubs. Efficient and convincing of all was Barcelona who paid for the 20-year forward EUR 14 million. That’s true, almost immediately “blaugranas” sent the player to gain experience to rent in Benfica, but anything sensible out of this idea did not come out. As well, and from subsequent leases of Keirrison, Fiorentina, Santos, Cruzeiro and “Coritiba”. Even in his native Brazil, Keirrison was unable to re-start to Bang goals in batches, is famous for the transfer to Barça.

In the end the Catalan club finally lost faith in Keirrison in the summer of 2014, when Guardiola already coached Bayern. Striker released a free agent in the “Coritiba”, but it was not “a breath of fresh air” in his career. Now the once promising player only 31 years old, but from January 2019 he is a free agent, trying unsuccessfully to find a new team.


Transfer route: “Villarreal” – “Barcelona”
The amount of the transfer: € 16.5 million.

As soon as arriving at Barcelona, Guardiola wished to strengthen the defensive line of the team’s Uruguayan defender Martin Caceres, who last season showed thumbs up to RC Recreativo de Huelva, where he played on loan from “Villarreal”. For a promising player “blaugranas” gave 16.5 million euros, but the level of Barcelona cáceres has not grown. He has played for Catalans only one season, taking part in 23 matches in all tournaments (1522 minutes on the field), after which he was released in rent in Juventus, and then in Seville.

In the summer of 2011, Guardiola approved the sale of cáceres to Sevilla in just 3 million euros. After that, despite the very sonorous in the football world the names of the clubs, which were made by the Uruguayan (Juventus, “Southampton”, “Lazio”), much success, he never won. Last summer went free agent at Fiorentina where in my 33 years has finally acquired the status of a key player of the first team.

Claudio BRAVO

Transfer route: Barcelona – Manchester city
Amount of transfer: 18 million euros

Perhaps the fans of Barcelona can thank PEP Guardiola for what he took from their team, Claudio Bravo, allowing the club solidly to earn extra money for Shuttle service no longer young, even by goalie standards, player. The departure to England of Chileans were allowed to finally start to play regularly for the first team “blaugranas” German Mark-Andre Ter Stegen, who is now perhaps one of the best keepers of modern times. As for Claudio Bravo, the “Manchester city” is relatively stable, he had only his first season, which was also the first day for Guardiola. Did not differ a reliable game, often stirring up criticism, and at the end of the season gave absolutely horrifying statistics in a series of matches, conceding seven goals after seven shots on target they protected the gate…

No wonder pretty quickly Bravo lost the competition first not less than age Willy Caballero and then purchased in Benfica’s Brazilian guard gate to Ederson. Now Claudio remains under contract at Manchester city, but in the summer, according to rumors, would be willing to travel to the United States after the expiration of the working agreement with the “citizens”.


Transfer route: “Palmeiras” – “Barcelona”
The amount of the transfer: 8 million euros

In the summer of 2008 that Josep Guardiola led Barcelona, and the sixth newcomer, who signed a club with him, was the young Brazilian defender “Palmeiras” Enrique. With good anthropometry (height of the player – 190 cm), this protector has different understanding of the game, which is very important for football, instill their teams with PEP. However, the following four season, Barcelona chose to send Enrique to gain experience in the lease. So in the career of a defender having “Bayer” and “racing” from Santander and return to Palmeiras.

Despite the fact that Enrique was invited to the Brazilian national team in 2010 and 2011 (though it only served to replace in several fights), in the summer of 2012 “Barcelona” has decided to terminate the contract with the player that just coincided with the departure from the club, PEP Guardiola. After Beck returned to Brazil, and then made an unsuccessful attempt to gain a foothold in Napoli, but more excelled in “Fluminense” and “Corinthians”. Now Enrique 33 years, and since the beginning of February he is a free agent after he left, “al-Ittihad” from the UAE.


Transfer route: “Shakhtar” – “Barcelona”
Amount of transfer: 25 million euros

The history of this player are well known to the vast majority of Ukrainian fans. In late August 2009, after intensive negotiations, officials of Barcelona and Shakhtar, Dmytro Chygrynskiy for 25 million euros still moved to the camp Nou, where he really wanted to see Josep Guardiola. Playing style is a Ukrainian seemed to fit perfectly into the concept of coaching and “blaugranas”, but it has failed. Later himself admitted his key factors, not allowing him to play in the Catalan team was the ignorance of the language, as well as excessive pressure from the press and fans that was caused by the huge amount paid for his transfer.

Several blunders have put “cross” on the career of Chygrynskiy at Barca. A year later, the club chose to sell Ukrainian back to Shakhtar for 15 million euros, although, as was said, Guardiola was against jumping to conclusions and wanted to give Dimitri a second chance… Now Chygrynskiy, who this year will celebrate 34 years, playing in Greece for AEK.


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