7 biggest transfer market blunders Jose Mourinho

To Jose Mourinho can be treated in different ways. Someone impressed by his behavior, ostentatious pathos and confidence in their own abilities, while others categorically do not accept such things, believing that the Portuguese are excessively haughty and arrogant. But what is almost impossible to argue – in the modern football world are very few people who have the name Jose Mourinho does not cause absolutely no reaction.

During his coaching career, Mourinho has worked with several Portuguese teams, the most famous of which is, of course, Porto. Winning the 2004 Champions League with the “dragons”, Jose went up the coaching career ladder. So in his profile appeared in “Chelsea”, “inter” “real” and “Manchester United”. The now 57-year-old Mourinho is working in Tottenham, which is ready to go for the first time the summer transfer campaign. Of course, the pandemic is in the early stages it probably won’t be in which he had to get used to football fans, but hardly “spur” invited Mourinho for that, as Pocettino worked without the ability to invite newcomers. But with them in the career of “the Special one” has not always been smooth, and we will try to highlight 7 of the most unsuccessful transfer deals Jose…


Route transfers: CSKA – Chelsea
Amount of transfer: 12 million euros

In January 2005, Chelsea has surprised many in England, when it acquired the Czech halfback of CSKA Moscow jiří yaroshyk, which, according to Transfermarkt, paid solid for the time 12 million euros. It was rumored that the initiative in the transaction belonged to the owner of the “blue” Roman Abramovich, but he jarošík in an interview admitted that Jose Mourinho has taken a personal interest in his transfer. “He told me that he does not need superstars, he is more interested in experienced and dedicated players. He told me that I now have a chance to get into the first team. For me it is very important that this coach invited me,” said jarošík.

In the end for Chelsea’s Cech has played just 21 matches, but six months later found himself not need Mourinho. First he was loaned to Birmingham and return from there sold to Celtic for 3.5 million. What the Portuguese needed a 27-year-old at the time, the midfielder, who did not have special recognition on the continent – is still a mystery…


Transfer route: “Borussia” D – “Manchester United”
The transfer amount: 42 million euros

Henrikh Mkhitaryan was one of the first signings of Jose Mourinho in the “Manchester United”. English club led the difficult negotiations on Armenian player with Borussia Dortmund, paying for Mkhitaryan in the end, a considerable 42 million euros. Mourinho shared the appropriateness of this transaction, seeing Henry hardly the backbone of the player in the game of his team. However, relatively successful for Mkhitaryan was only the first season in the camp of the “red devils”. Then the relationship between the player and Mourinho has sharply escalated, which led to the departure of the midfielder to Arsenal. Mkhitaryan himself later made clear that did not realize why the “Special” on one of the tactical training began to criticize him, accusing them of reluctance to close the work on the defense zone, which Henry initially no one was charged. “I don’t know what he had in mind. I worked hard every day to get the chance. If I work pressing, to protect, to help the team score and give up, but someone is unhappy, then there’s nothing I can do. I didn’t want to waste time, wanted to move on and play football,” commented subsequently Mkhitaryan his departure from Manchester.

For “Manchester United” Mkhitaryan had 63 match-his 13 goals and 11 assists. Alas, the transition to the “Arsenal” did not help the Armenian to restart his career, and he soon left for Italy, where now he tries by all means to restore his good name in Roma Paulo Fonseca. Interestingly, this Portuguese Mkhitaryan has built a very cooperative relationship.


Route transfer: Porto – inter
Amount of transfer: 24.6 million euros

At the time, Ricardo Quaresma along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani was esteemed one of the most talented players in the Portugal of his generation. It is not surprising that a successful game in the camp “Port” brought the winger to the attention of compatriot Jose Mourinho, who at that time had just taken inter Milan. For the transfer of Quaresma “Nerazzurri” gave nearly 25 million euros, but in return did not receive the expected leader of the team. Slow, insecure, sloppy with the ball work so Ricardo appeared before the eyes of Italian fans…

Within six months after the signing of the “inter” sent Quaresma to rent in Chelsea. There the Portuguese also came to the court, and then another year spent in the camp, with inter, and then was sold to beşiktaş for just 7 million. For a half season at inter, Ricardo Quaresma scored 1 goal and 2 assists in 32 matches, which was negligible to justify the investment in its purchase money.


Transfer route: “Shakhtar” – “Manchester United”
The amount of the transfer: € 59 million

In 2018, the midfielder “Shakhtar” Fred was one of the most attractive options for the top clubs in the transfer market of Europe. It is no coincidence that it took the world Cup 2018 in the composition of the team, although the coach of Brazil Titus was not released midfielder in any of the fights. Whatever it was, but the understanding of the game, the culture of passing, vision and ability to fight for the ball singled Fred not only in the Ukrainian Premier League, but in European matches for the Pitmen. It was said that interest in the Brazilian showed Manchester city and Josep Guardiola, but in the end the fight for Fred won another club from Manchester – “United”. At the same time, Mourinho has promised the midfielder of “Golden mountains”, but subsequently have easily recanted.

As a result, the Manchester career Freda under Mourinho was a disaster. Not having a real trust from the coach, and once in the unusual environment, the Brazilian quickly “blown away” and just did what tons of collected criticism from various media and fans. There was even talk that Mourinho was going to sell Fred in January 2019, but just a couple of weeks is not finalized, being fired for poor results…


Transfer route: “Borussia” D – “real”
Amount of transfer: 10 million euros

Before moving to real Madrid Nuri Sahin’s career has progressed exclusively on the rise – he did at Borussia Dortmund, where he was one of the team leaders. In the end, Jose Mourinho insisted on inviting Sahin to real Madrid, but in Madrid, the German-Turkish player spent only one season by participating in 10 official matches and his 1 goal and 1 successful transmission. Of course, not to forget about the problems with the knee, but not they were the cause of the failure Shahin in the camp of “Blancos”. For this player to begin with place in the team where to win the competition with Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira returns was almost impossible.

A year later the “real” sent Shahin to rent in Liverpool, then under the same conditions returned to Borussia Dortmund, and soon all sold “black and yellow” and has not managed to settle down in Spain midfielder. It is likely that failures in the “Real world” impact on your career, Nuri, and were not able to regain confidence in themselves and to return to the previous level. In the summer of 2018 Dortmund sold Sahin for 1 million euros to Werder, where 31-year-old Nuri stands to this day.

Abdul Rahman BABA

Transfer route: “Augsburg” – “Chelsea”
Amount of transfer: 20 million euros

In August 2015, “Chelsea” took away 20 million euros for the left running back “Augsburg” Abdul Rahman Baba, who is very clearly manifested itself in the German championship, arriving to speak there from his native Ghana. However, immediately throw a rookie into battle Mourinho did not dare, preferring to rely on time-tested césar Azpilicueta. In the end, at the position of the Portuguese coach lasted only until December, and Rahman Baba’s long-awaited game practice in the camp of “blue” managed to get in Gus Hiddink.

However, further career of Abdul Rahman Baba shows that, most likely, at the top level it is nothing to do. The reason for this was the frequent knee problems that began to haunt Ghanaian footballer January 2017. In fact, since in “Chelsea” already and not rely on football, which is now only 25 years old. In early September of last year “blue” sent a Woman to rent in Mallorca, but after a few weeks the running back re-injured his knee, and now more than two hundred with superfluous days can not recover.


Route transfer: Milan – Chelsea
The amount of the transfer: 43,88 million euros

In the summer of 2006 the best Ukrainian footballer of the independence Andriy Shevchenko abruptly changed his career, taking the decision to move from AC Milan to Chelsea. Subsequently, Jose Mourinho said that “in Milan Shevchenko lived like a Prince, and Chelsea are faced with a different philosophy”. It was rumored that the Ukrainian striker really wanted to see the owner of the London club Roman Abramovich, who at the first opportunity, have done everything to implement the deal. Mourinho himself, who is often asked to comment on this information, noted that the transfer of Shevchenko was held in his and the club’s President a joint decision, but acknowledged that the Ukrainian personally, they were viewed as “fallback”.

In the end, the case of Shevchenko in “Chelsea” did not go. It is often criticized for passivity and lack of confidence on the field, then Andrew was faced with a number of unpleasant injuries, and Didier Drogba had played like never before on his London stage career. It is not surprising that Sheva eventually was sent back to Milan on loan, and on his return from Italy released free agent to play in Kiev “Dynamo”. Joint work with Jose Mourinho brought in Andrei’s only disappointment, as his decision to relocate to go to Chelsea. You see, had it not been such, and now fans of the “Rosso-Neri” knew that the best striker in the annals of the club is not Gunnar Nordahl and Andriy Shevchenko. But history has no subjunctive mood, and therefore Swedish and Ukrainian scorers and share the 46 goals that Sheva would surely have scored if not Chelsea, Abramovich and Mourinho…


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