6 boxers who held the title of combined champion longest

The conquest of the belt of the world champion – first the dream, and later the goal of every self-respecting professional boxer. Immediately after it there is a unification and conquest of the status of the absolute world champion.

But to win the belt and statuses is one thing. And to protect them is another matter. After all, the more you own the title or more zones, the more you all want to defeat. Even most of the fans. Remember the six boxers who held the title of combined champion of the world longer than anyone in history.

Carlos Monson, average weight

9 defenses of the belts in the WBA and WBC

Carlos Monson – one of the greatest Argentine athletes of all time and, apparently, the best boxer in the history of Argentina, even with some fancy of our contemporaries. He owned a belt of the world champion from 1970 to 1977, but held the title of combined champion in only two versions – WBC and WBA.

In addition, Carlos was the combined world champion twice: from 1970 to 1974 and from 1976 to 1977. Just the title of world champion Monson defended fourteen times, and in 1977 ceased to be a world champion only because of the fact that completed his professional career.

In the ranking of the best boxers of all time according to the website Boxrec, Carlos occupies the third place behind Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Even ahead of sugar ray Robinson (4 line), Muhammad Ali (line 5) and many other legendary boxers.

Roy Jones Jr., light heavyweight

10 protection of the belts in the WBA, WBC and IBF

Roy Jones at light heavyweight was great. By and large, this time – the dawn of the Jones, who liked most. Despite the fact that Roy made his debut there with the disqualification, then everything went like it was supposed to have such a talented athlete like him.

The American mocked opponents as they could. Beat them with all sorts of angles, not had to get myself and, consequently, collected the belt. From 1999 to 2002, Roy held in his hands all reputable at the time the belt light heavyweight – WBA, WBC and IBF. There were times when, in order to be the undisputed champion of the world, it was enough for all three belts.

In 2003, without waiting for at least someone who could compete with him, Jones moved to heavyweight and became champion. There was the beat John Ruiz, even though the swarm was tuned in fights against Vitali Klitschko, Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis.

Muhammad Ali, heavyweight

10 defenses of the WBA and WBC belts

Roy at the time, caught up with the defense zone of the United of the champion himself, Muhammad Ali. In times of Greatest, to be the undisputed champion, it was still less than zone two. So Ali became the absolute and held the belt for a period of time twice, from 1964 to 1966 and from 1974 to 1978.

His first title Muhammad won the fight against Sonny Liston. The Manager of the champion came to fight, in which Ali defeated Henry Cooper, and after the fight said, “I flew three thousand miles to say we’re ready.” Muhammad won and Liston.

Then there was the downtime because of the reluctance to go to war in Vietnam, the first defeat in the career of the other twists and turns that led to the fight against the monstrous George foreman, who was breaking all in its path. Before the fight Ali turned to the second:

“What do you have with individuals? You already believed in the victory of foreman? All repeat “George foreman, George foreman”. To hell with it! You – my friends and fans have to see that you believe in my victory. If I was tuned as well as you, I wouldn’t have agreed to this fight.”

In the eighth round, Ali stopped foreman and became the absolute world champion.

The Marvin Hagler, average weight

12 protection of the belts in the WBA, WBC and IBF

One of the most powerful and avoided boxers in history. Marvin rules in the Middleweight division for a very long time and seemed so strong that he himself had cause to fight contenders. Throughout my career, Marvin has been knocked down once and that his fans challenged still, considering that Hagler stumbled.

Since 1980, Hagler defended the title of combined champion and from 1984 to 1987 – the absolute champion on the average weight. Throughout my career, Marvin has lost three times: two to the stage of their dawn in 1976, Bobby Watts and Willie Monroe. And in the last fight in his career – in 1987, the legendary Sugay ray Leonard by split decision.

Marvin was the embodiment of power and continuous operation in the ring. It seemed that it is simply impossible to stop, and this mountain of muscle break down. And so it happened – just a very skillful Leonard coped with the pressure of the champion, managing to win, though not unanimously.

Wladimir Klitschko, heavyweight

14 defenses of the belts in the WBA, WBO and IBF

To argue with the fact that Vladimir Klitschko is historically symbolic personality, stupid. He passed a difficult way, which was unnecessary destruction, lack of faith in him from the fans and even his brother. Vitaly directly asked a question, isn’t it time to stop.

But the Ukrainians had done it, found that anger and began to dominate. Combined belt Vladimir in 2008 in the fight against Russian Sultan Ibragimov in America. That fight is difficult to call it entertaining or interesting, but it was the first unification in hevewae since 1999.

Klitschko lost his titles only after seven years, having lost to Tyson fury. By and large it was the end of a great career of Vladimir.

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