5 the main intrigue before the restart of Serie A

Italian football came out of quarantine, and even the famous Cup holder. Napoli 2 match and after a pause scored 1 goal, but it was enough to reach the final Copy and it beat Juventus on penalties. Rino Gattuso picked up the first trophy in his career and, in fact, completed the task for the season – Napoli in UEFA club competition. But for the rest of the coaches, everything is just beginning.

Intrigue No. 1: who will be the champion

Main contenders: Juventus, Lazio and inter

In his debut season in See Maurizio Sarri has already missed two trophies: Juventus lost to Lazio in the match for the Italian super Cup and lost to Napoli in the fight for the Cup. But these failures will remember only if Juventus fail in the championship. Bianconeri 8 years in a row taking the scudetto – if Surrey can’t succeed in Serie A, then it can remain without work.

After 26 rounds Juve ahead of Lazio by 1 point, and inter – 9, but the team of Antonio Conte is on the bench. Inter in this fight – the outsider, the coefficient Parimatch for the title, with inter – 11.0. The Nerazzurri were level with competitors just a few weeks before the quarantine, but the defeat against Lazio and inter threw them in third place with minimum chances of success.

Inter need a miracle, but Juventus and Lazio have to rely solely on yourself. Team Simone Inzaghi twice this season, beat Juventus, losing in the championship less than Juve (2 losses vs 3), scored more and conceded less, but there is a second. To compare the calendars of contenders for the title probably makes no sense – Cup matches showed that after the pause there will be many unpredictable results. Perhaps the decisive moment of the season will be a meeting of Juventus and Lazio in Turin in Matchday 34. In any case, analysts Parimatch sure that Juve will not miss leadership: 1.40 to win the League title team Surrey, 3.00 – on the third title in the history of Lazio.

Intrigue No. 2: who will receive the permit in League of Champions

Main contenders: Atalanta and Roma

Theoretically, inter can fall out of four, but let’s assume that the team of Antonio Conte will be without a disaster at the end of the season. For fourth place, apparently, will battle Atalanta and Roma. In Napoli, of course, say what also want to four, but the team rino Gattuso will not be easy – it is behind the ongoing fifth Roma by 6 points.

Atalanta has another outstanding season. At the end of last season BERGAMASCHI first got into the Champions League and now feel quite confident among the leaders. For lost points ahead of Atalanta Roma by 6 points, has the advantage in personal meetings, winning twice (2:0, 2:1). Among the disadvantages – the calendar. Atalanta still have to play against Lazio, Napoli, Juventus and inter. But Roma’s rivals are the same – with the exception of Lazio (the Roman Derby in January ended in a draw 1:1).

Roma went to the break with 2 straight wins, but prior to that won round 4 – team Paulo Fonseca is not enough stability. Atalanta in the championship lost one of their last 9 matches but the Champions League has destroyed Valencia. In this situation, all in the hands of a team of Gian Piero Gasperini, and experts Parimatch have no doubt about it: 1.20 to Atalanta in the Champions League, 3.50 – Roma.

The intrigue No. 3: who will be in the Europa League

Main contenders: Milan, Verona, Parma, Bologna

For Milan qualifying for European competitions will be a minimum payment in another failed season guide of the ambitious was said about the Champions League, but again nothing came of it. For all other teams that are around the European Cup, seventh place and a trip to LE will be a huge success. To make the forecast extremely difficult because the density in the table is huge – even reaching the 13th Fiorentina behind seventh place by just 6 points.

The most interesting question – will it have the Milan? I’d venture that no, I don’t need – yet another restructuring is best done by focusing on one tournament.

The intrigue No. 4: who will fly

Main contenders: Brescia, Slept, Lecce, Genoa and Sampdoria

Brescia lags behind from saving 17 places on 9 points, and even the President of the club Massimo Cellino does not believe in success. Have Slept the situation is similar – minus 7.

Who will be the third? Before the break Genoa and Lecce went on the mend: the Genoese lost once in 6 rounds, salentini gave a series of three victories in a row, but after the quarantine, all can be absolutely differently.

Problems at Sampdoria, but the leadership believes in the experience of Claudio Ranieri. In theory difficult can it be Torino, who had gone into quarantine with seven defeats in a row, and Udinese. The situation will become clearer after a few rounds, and while it’s all very confusing.

The intrigue No. 5: who will be top scorer

Main contenders: Ciro Immobile and Cristiano Ronaldo

27 goals in 26 rounds – Lazio striker Ciro Immobile stare on the record Series And owned by Gonzalo Iguain, who scored in the championship 2015/16 36 goals.

Ronaldo behind the Italian on 6 goals, but can compete for the title capocannoniere if you return the form that was before half – time, Cristiano has scored in 11 games in Serie A in a row.

But, judging from the Cup matches, the Portuguese are far from optimal conditions – Immobile, we need to use and tear.

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