5 stars MMA, which has damaged the reputation of the criminal actions

Sometimes problems with the law in an instant kill the reputation and legacy of the idol of millions. Of course, there will always be fans that begin to justify or defend the Starfighter, but nothing can change the fact that convictions lay down a black mark on a resume of the athlete.

Sport.ua will consider five well-known fighters, whose career suffered greatly due to clashes with the police.

Uor Cars

The war Machines (War Machine – war machine eng.) born Jonathan Koppenhaver – as a fighter famous for his fights in the UFC and Bellator. In addition to performances in the cage he was also a known relationship with the star of porn Christy Mack and star in adult films.

Uor Vehicles over the greater part of his sports career had problems with the law. In 2007 for beating a man in the Parking lot, he got off with three years probation. In 2010, two different fights on the beach and in the bar he was in jail for one year. In 2012, the soldier returned to detention for a period of 9 months for some old criminal case. But his most horrible crime was found.

August 8, 2014 Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas attacked from the Machine in the house of the actress in Las Vegas. Mac was very badly beaten by her former boyfriend. She had 18 broken bones, broken teeth, a broken nose, a rib, a ruptured liver and a bruised thigh, so strong that she could not walk for several weeks.

The car was found guilty of kidnapping, sexual assault and attempted murder. A convict sentenced to life imprisonment with possibility of parole after 36 years.

Jason Miller

The infamous “Mayhem” Miller had a long career in MMA, having to Shine in such promotions as the UFC, WEC, Dream and Strikeforce. In the last two he even fought for a championship belt in Middleweight.

Miller has a whole series of arrests. In 2012, he was arrested for sleeping naked in a Church. The following year, the police twice within 11 days fighter was arrested on charges of domestic violence. In 2014, a special squad of police SWAT came to his home to arrest on charges of battery. In 2015, he was arrested twice on similar charges, while resisting the police. 2016 – arrest for causing injury to the security guard of the restaurant and spit in a police officer. In 2017, Miller was found guilty in yet another case of domestic violence, and he was sentenced to three years probation with a conditional deprivation of liberty for a term of 4 years.

In October of 2018, Miller was arrested and presnall guilty of vandalism – he broke a large marble table in the house of his girlfriend. Given probation, he faces up to 23 years in prison, but Jason went with the court on the transaction and only received one year of imprisonment. In September of 2019, he was released and since then were not included in the crime reports.

BJ Penn

The former UFC lightweight and Welterweight champion Penn in his Prime, was a big fan favorite, but despite its popularity as a fighter, he has a reputation as not a very good person. He was seen repeatedly insults people.

And in 2015, B. J. was arrested in Hawaii for the fight outside the bar. The charges were later dismissed, however, in 2019, the mother of his children filed a restraining order against Penn, accusing him of years of physical and sexual violence. The claim was satisfied and pennu until October 2021 restraining order against his ex-girlfriend.

In August 2019 Penn was involved in a fight near one of the bars of Hawaii, which was knocked out. The UFC subsequently fired his legend because of this incident.

Matt Hughes

Once the owner of the title UFC Welterweight champion Hughes has long had the reputation of a family man. He was not seen in crestock-chatter, was considered a religious man and supported the military. A kind of your guy.

In 2017 Hughes was hit by a train and was close to death, having received serious injuries. But in the end he managed to stand up and leave the hospital. All admired him in January 2018 came into the octagon at the UFC show in St. Louis, but a year later his wife gave him a statement on the restraining order, accusing him of several instances of domestic violence. The brother of the fighter mark Hughes did the same, claiming that Matt choked his son and tried to destroy his tractor. In February 2019, ex-UFC champion filed for divorce and in August it became known that the Hughes brothers settled judicial conflict.

John Jones

Probably the best light heavyweight in the history of mixed martial arts Jon Jones managed to fuck up the reputation of mishaps outside the cage.

In 2012 he was arrested for drunk driving. In 2015, crashed into a car driven by a pregnant woman and fled the scene. In 2019 Jones was accused slapped, strangled and sexually harassed the waitresses. And in March 2020, the police arrested Jones and charged with driving in an alcohol intoxication and unlawful use of firearms.

Plus a negative impact on his legacy affected three failed doping test.

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