5 opponents that Mustache need to meet after quarantine

The transition Oleksandr Usyk in the heavyweight division promised to be an intriguing and chaotic and incomprehensible. First there was the change of opponents. Powerful enough Takam Smania Tyrone Spong, from which it is not clear what was to be expected. And then Spong gave way to hopeless Cassam Witherspoon.

American has done everything he could, given that he had trained for only three days – that is, not preparing at all. Cass managed to leave a few bruises on the face of the Mustache, to beat forward, but otherwise, was completely dismantled and defeated without a chance. After the quarantine necessarily need to be involved in the big game and go to belts.

Otherwise it will be too late. Ukrainian vzhe 33 and mobility will gradually fall, and without her to fight with huge strands of Barb makes no sense.

Derek Chisora

Record: 32, 9 -23 TO

The first serious test in any case take place after restrictions. The main question is: when this will be possible. In the UK, it may be impossible to fight before the end of the year. Although the audience may be able to fight before – for example, at the end of summer – beginning of autumn.

Chisora is a good test for Moustache. Dangerous enough to not relax enough age to rely on fatigue near the end of the battle. Derek can get the last rivals, he regularly left to have a rest near the ropes. But on his feet he’s not good enough to expect that Cirrus will be confused and not have time.

A Briton will not just – he is constantly pushing, moving forward and will try to deal with the Mustache during the rounds in which Alexander is drawn into a fight. But then he just start problems. Cirrus will begin to increase the speed, pressure and number of strokes – that Chisora will end arranging start checking Ukrainian in hevewae.

Dillian White

Record: 27, 1 – 18 TO

Hardly worth it after the fight with Cooroy immediately to come for champion fight. Of course, most likely, Joshua will be interested in this game, but delay is possible without problems. For example, if in the UK make a night of Boxing, which in the co-main event, the Mustache will meet with white and fury with Joshua. A show cause an incredible stir.

Meeting with the white a more exciting event. First, Gillian won Chisora. Secondly, it’s not as tacky big fights, and lost only to the tops, arranging the real test. The same Anthony Joshua was my ring with white, yet produced a victory. Alexander will not be easy.

Of course, Gillian, like Chisora, is not skillful footwork, but to catch up, to get it and can catch anyone. And just to shut up and stop talkative Brit in the eyes of the British public – a great achievement.

Deontay Wilder

A record of 42-1-1, 41 KO

Of course, the defeat of fury greatly reduced the relationship to Wilder. Deontay lost every second of the fight, completely in the case of losing early. Now every little bit srednicowy heavyweight’m sure I’ll deal with the Wilder, though this is certainly not the case.

Everyone knew that if you act like that, chances of winning on the DevTeam increase, but to embody it in life was only the most talented. The majority of boxers will still give Wilder moments, he kissed a couple of punches and ended the fight early.

If Deontay will return the lost positions, the fight against him is one of mandatory items for Moustache, if he’s going to go down in history as the boxer, found with the strongest. American at the time just comes to a title chance, and fans will want to see a fight of a small techie against a huge puncher.

Anthony Joshua

Record: 23, 1 – 21 TO

The fight with Joshua will probably be held immediately after the meeting with Cooroy. Provided that the Ukrainian will win Derek, and Anthony will not have such the same as with Ruiz, problems with Kubrat Bullet. And so, and in fact believe not so much.

On the other hand, Anthony may be interested in a unification bout against Tyson fury, and team Moustache can make a step to the side, to then continue immediately on the absolute. But the fight against Joshua is mandatory for Moustache in any case. It will bring huge fees, and perhaps greater fame. Perhaps because of potential victory. After all, many have lost Anthony, but won only Andy Ruiz that will be remembered, no matter what.

The fight against Joshua, which the Tendril has set itself, lets you know exactly with whom he will meet in hevewae. Perhaps in the end of the year, maybe early next, and, maybe, summer of 2021. Does not matter, the key is exactly what happened.

Tyson Fury

Record: 30, 0, 1 – 21 TO

Meeting with Tyson fury – the apogee of the career of the Mustache in superteach. It seems that the main fight against Joshua, but no. Just because fury is a different story. Boxer, defeat which failed anyone yet and not the fact that it will be possible. Fighter who is the favorite in the duel against anyone of the current athletes.

In addition, fury is the biggest heavyweight incumbent. And not a huge slob who shoots from distance and all. He can go to work with far and near distances, to knit in the clinch and dry fight. And Mustache, as you know, not the greatest heavyweight. To defeat such a skilled giant – the main achievement that can only be Alexander at the moment.

No match against the fury, given that all the previous battles won, career will be incomplete, but its implementation depends not only on the Mustache or of someone’s success, but also on the psychological state of Tyson. And here we cannot be sure of anything.

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