5 movies about basketball with a serious plot to view quarantined

In addition to paintings comedic direction that Sport.ua recommended earlier, about basketball from a lot of movies with serious, sometimes dramatic scenes. Some of them are based on real events, some not, but all of them raise questions of human values, attitudes, and feelings.

Sometimes the main action in them takes place not on the basketball court, but the orange ball and specific sport human qualities are a perfect setting for storytelling. So, we offer you a selection of such serious films.

“Coach Carter”

Release year: 2005
Budget: $ 30 million
Movie stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Channing Tatum
Star basketball: –

Coach Ken Carter agrees to take over the patronage of the school team in Richmond. This school is not exemplary. Members of the basketball team (and an overwhelming number of students in General) are difficult teenagers growing up in deprived areas and training them for nothing more than annoying service. Understands it himself and coach Carter, who graduated from this school in the 70-ies of the last century.

At the beginning of his difficult communication with the players a new coach gives them to sign a paper according to which they will be able to play in the team only if they have minimal time for other subjects. Then follows the process of creation of this team, taming the selfish habits of pupils and selection of keys for each player. The team starts winning one match after another and goes without defeats, but in the midst of the season, the coach knows that the players are hopelessly behind in studies. Carter lead the team in the game and it counted technical defeat, followed by a second absence from the match. The coach will have to withstand the crazy pressure from the public, school administration, parents and the players themselves. But all dissenters coach Carter tries to explain that a successful basketball season will not pave them the way to adulthood, but good grades (along with basketball talent) can lead children to College, and then chance not to be lost after a hard childhood in a gangster area will be disproportionately.

The film is based on real events that occurred in 1999 occurred in all of the United States. It quite clearly shows the lives of the young players of the most prosperous families. The picture makes it clear that the high school years is not always carefree and happy period and it is very important that in difficult moments of choice of their life with you had a mentor like Ken Carter, which is important not only points scored, rebounds, victories, and who really wants to help you and give a start in life.

“He got game”

Year of manufacture: 1998
Budget: $ 25 million
Movie stars: Denzel Washington, Milla Jovovich, Rosario Dawson
Star basketball: ray Allen (in the role of Jesus Chatsworth), in small roles, bill Walton, Reggie Miller, Shaquille o’neal, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, and even Michael Jordan

Jake Stalsworth meprednisone convicted of murdering his wife and is serving a fifteen-year period. His son Jesus Chatsworth finishes senior year of high school and preparing for College. Virtually any College in the country is ready to accept Jesus because he is a very gifted basketball player and he prophesied a brilliant career in the future. Suddenly, Jake gets an offer, according to which the Governor of the state knock off his term if he can convince Jesus to go to College under his care. Jake for a week released from prison, and he goes to the son. The problem is that after the family drama Jesus does not want to see his father.

Young guy necessary to make setting for their future life choices. There are so many temptations: money, cars, women, and even those who say that they care about you and actually has your Mercantile calculation. It is very important to think a head, but to feel and to choose the necessary heart. The picture raises important questions, including about the relationship between fathers and children, the ability to forgive and whether the person is to redeem himself.

The role of the son of the main character brilliantly played by ray Allen, one of the best NBA players of his time. Then still young, the future champion of the NBA by the number of three-pointers, showed that he can not only play basketball. In moments of mental agony, Allen has played no worse than most Hollywood stars.

“Love and basketball”

Release year: 2000
Budget: $ 20 million
Movie stars: Omar Epps, Sanaa Lathan
Star basketball: –

Usually films on the theme of sports in General and basketball in particular raise questions of overcoming of personal difficulties and problems of the main characters, the build of this team among disparate personalities, resolution of psychological difficulties, self-belief etc. Love line, if present, is in second plan, often following a kind of trail of heroes. But in this film comes to the fore most wonderful of feelings.

Quincy and Monica live in the neighborhood and have known each other since early childhood. Both basketball and dream about the successes on the sports field. On the basis of shared passions in them arises mutual sympathy, which as they get older, develops into love. Then they have to fight for your feelings, passing the tests of difficult life situations, family problems, distance and many others. But true love will overcome any obstacles.

Little lifehack for our readers are male. If Your girlfriend/wife not too share Your passion for basketball (or sports in General) and she prefer a classic romantic stories, try to introduce her with this picture. It’s possible that the film through its plot can arouse her interest in basketball.

“Playing by someone else’s rules”

Year of release: 2006
Budget: $ 30 million
Movie stars: Josh Lucas, Jon Voight
Star basketball: –

Another film based on real events. United States of America, TX, in the courtyard of the sixties. Racism is condemned by law and is in full swing struggle for equality regardless of skin color. But it is only on paper, life for blacks position in society is quite difficult and there are conflicts on racial soil. This order of things continued in basketball, black players can play in teams, but the players with white skin color listed above. Despite this, the young head coach of Texas Western College (in 1967, will be renamed the University of Texas) don Haskins attracted to performances for their team’s seven black players, which in those days was considered something unimaginable. The film tells about the difficult fate of the coach, who had a very hard time defending their choice and their wards. Enough of the drama and the life stories of the players of his team, because at that time to be a black man in Texas was not so easy.

Many believe that the actions of the don Haskins put an end to racial segregation in American basketball and changed the game forever. In 1997, the don Haskins was inducted into the Hall of Fame, the NBA, and in 2007 it included the whole team of Texas Western College in full force. I think this is the best proof of the importance of those events.

“The team from Indiana”

Year of release: 1986
Budget: $ 9 million
Movie stars: gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, Barbara Hershey
Star basketball: –

In a small town in Indiana at the invitation of the headmaster arrives former military Norman Dale and becomes the new head coach of the basketball team. He begins to instil the team with the army discipline and responsible approach to any detail. Unusual methods of work, conflict with the school administration and local residents puts Norman on the brink of dismissal. But he does not give up and with the help of a teacher who is not indifferent to the team and to him personally and to the local drunks versed in basketball, Norman Dale gradually solve the problem, instills in the team the character of the winners and leads them to the biggest success in sports history of a small town.

That’s like the Americans to shoot sports movies based on real events and this again is one of them, though in a rather free interpretation. This picture became one of the first films shot in Hollywood on the basketball theme. Of course, for 34 years has been shot many other more entertaining movies about basketball, but to look at the picture which stood at the origins of this topic will be interesting to all fans of the orange ball.


Again we say that the taste and color of comrades there. Someone movies like it, and someone will supply them a low rating. But these films are high-quality samples of paintings about basketball and if now fans of the game are deprived of the chance to watch good matches, the opportunity to watch a good movie sports theme does not take away any coronavirus.

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