5 most overrated players of our time

The transfer market is primarily a market, and this term implies a rather wide interpretation, one of the key features of which will still be freedom of action of participants in the process. In practice, in football, it means that the parties to the transaction are free as many as you like to prescribe its conditions, but because of the amount of compensation sometimes reach absolutely epic proportions.

About situations where “quality of goods” most did not meet the “price of the question” today, highlighting the five most overrated players in modern football – that is, those who continue active performances on a professional level.

Christian BENTEKE

The Belgian striker of Congolese origin were all able to Express themselves in “Genk”, so in the summer of 2012 almost € 9 million moved to the English Premier League where his talent is believed Aston Villa. The Birmingham club Benteke repaid in full over three season in the Premier League he scored 42 goals in gate of rivals, prompting the leadership of Liverpool to pull out your checkbook and say goodbye to 46,5 million euros. The decision of the bosses “red” was too hasty. To win the competition for Roberto Firmino, who managed much better to integrate into the game, “Liverpool”, Christian failed, but because in a year the club realised the money is wasted, and everything must be done to try to give back as much as possible while Benteke transfer value has not dropped more serious.

In the end Benteke purchased the “crystal Palace”, to fork out for 31.2 million euros. Despite the fact that “the glaziers” – a team class like “Aston Villa”, to play at the London club Christian also failed. In the first season flashed a glimmer of hope that Benteke will be the top scorer for the “crystal Palace”, when the Belgian scored 15 goals in 36 games. But then came the dark times: in the 31 match of the season-2017/18 on account of Benteke in the EPL were only 3 goals scored, for which reason he lost the status of an important player from the starting lineup. Now Christian is a typical reservist, who produced on the field in the hope to revive the game. Its performance persistently tends to zero, because in the past and current seasons, he scored only one ball… In its 29 years, Benteke is estimated at 10.5 million euros, but even if the “crystal Palace” tries to sell Christian’s, there is a feeling that a similar amount for a player with such a low profile in recent years, hardly anyone will take, even given the considerable salary…


A graduate of the Academy of Benfica’s joão Cancela has barely played for the first team the sporting, however, his career went up sharply after a successful hire in Valencia. The Spanish club believe in the ability of the Portuguese running back, and therefore took the opportunity to buy out his contract from Benfica for € 15 million. As a result of “bats” Cancela had two good seasons, then moved under lease to inter, describing the deal “a historic step in your career.”

For the year in Serie A, Cancela managed to show up and be like “Juventus” which in the summer of 2018 paid Valencia for the Portuguese just over 40 million euros. However, a year later the old lady did not miss the opportunity to make money by selling Cancela in Manchester city. The deal price of 65 million euros were directed to the camp of “citizens” appeared a strong competitor for Kyle Walker, but Cancela put “in the Bank” a more experienced colleague for the role and could not. In the current season on account of joão only 782 minutes in 11 matches within the Premier League, and it is therefore unsurprising that he wishes in the coming transfer window to switch teams. If you believe the rumors, it is not willing to part with Cancela and Manchester city, but that’s just to sell the Portuguese for the money, which “townspeople” have spent, they are unlikely. First, in the world there was a coronavirus, which is somewhat chastened presumptuous the transfer market. Secondly, he Cancela hasn’t shown itself in recent years, so to him there was someone willing to pay crazy money. Third, when measured objectively, Cancela is a good player, but not the one for which you can pay as much as Manchester city, because at the moment, joão, for a moment, is at the 35th place in the list of most expensive players in the history of football! Really like justified?..

Benjamin MENDY

Josep Guardiola appreciates a good flank defenders, that is why Manchester city is not saving money when it comes to opportunities to snatch someone from the talented holbekov from under the nose of competitors. In the summer of 2017 was rumored favorite for the right to sign Mendy, speaking in Monaco, is Liverpool, but Manchester city decided. For the Frenchman the bulls were rolled for 57.5 million euros, having its location still the “crystal vase”.

Career Mendy to Manchester city – a history of injuries and disappointments. In nearly three full seasons Benjamin has played for the bulls only 46 games, but missed due to various injuries – 85. It got to the point that is pressed against the wall of the staffing problems Guardiola has entrusted the position of the left running back to the nominal Central midfielder Oleksandr Zinchenko. For the national team of Ukraine such course of events, of course, is very positive, but fans of “Manchester city” at first extremely skeptical about the ability to an unknown Zinchenko to play like a multi-million dollar rookie team, on which he had placed such hopes. In the new season, according to rumors, “Manchester city” will again bet on Mendy, however, extremely doubtful that injury finally left in peace the Frenchman, and gave him to consistently play at a high level. As practice shows, if a player is “crystal”, nothing can change it, you either accept or just look for a team where you can play tournaments with a lower intensity of the action…


In the summer of 2017, that now, after almost three seasons, can not help feeling that Barcelona is not all weighed and thought through when I agreed to buy from Borussia Dortmund Usman Dembele for 125 million euros. Just a year before “black and yellow” has acquired French from Stade Rennais FC for 15 million, but because such business from the German club can be considered a true role model in football. However, all of the sudden decided to guide “blaugranas” care of Neymar in the “Paris St Germain” for 222 million euros. Having a “hole” in the squad, the Catalans emergency rates was looking for a suitable replacement, and therefore was ready to spend money.

Alas, to become a key player for Barcelona Dembele and could not. This season he altogether had only 5 matches in La Liga, then came down to the infirmary with a hamstring injury. Despite the fact that the Frenchman is only 23, it seems that much confidence in his ability in the leadership of “Barcelona” already do not cherish, therefore, not surprising that in the Newspapers and then come the rumors about the readiness of “blaugranas” break up with Usman. In particular, according to latest reports, Barcelona are ready to sell dembélé only for 50 million euros, which is more than twice less than for a Frenchman was paid. In this case, not the fact that the buyers there, because you can take a free agent the same Willian, for example, saving a considerable part of the funds…


Brazilian Coutinho is another player that Barcelona had intended to close the gap that arose after the departure of Neymar. Liverpool played incredibly well on this, as “screwing in” price for Philippe. In the end, “blaugranas” significantly overpaid, as Coutinho is, of course, player quality, but not enough to fork out for it of 145 million euros…

After one and a half nothing impressed seasons, Barcelona agreed to release Coutinho to rent in “Bavaria” with the hope that in Munich, the Brazilian will play at maximum capacity, and then it will be able to sell to hit spent. However, the German Grand is not going to use an option to purchase contract Coutinho, because of what the Brazilian will soon need to return to Catalonia. Most likely, Philip still will not continue his career in “Barcelona”, because there already actively looking for new options, and even agree on the next hire. In short, instead of a competent investment with the purchase of Coutinho at Barcelona acquired a headache that can poison life for at least the next three years – that’s the term of the contract of the Brazilian with “blaugranas”…

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