5 knockouts that changed the UFC

For more than 25 years in the UFC octagon was a lot of great knockouts. The knockouts have always been an integral part of promotion from the first days of its existence. Fans applauded the outstanding puncher’s UFC Tank Abbott and Mark Coleman to Conor McGregor and Francis Ngandu.

We have selected five of the KOs, which had at UFC greatest impact.

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz UFC 47

The first part of the trilogy Liddell and Ortiz, held in 2004, has become one of the most anticipated fights in UFC history. Former friends became enemies, and this greatly aroused the interest in the fight. Ortiz was the longtime light heavyweight champion, holding the sixth defense, and Liddell returned to the UFC after a short stint in Pride.

The match did not disappoint and met the huge hype, ending with a beautiful knockout. Liddell became the new champion and marked the beginning of his terror in the light heavyweight division of the UFC. The fight not only made him the new superstar of MMA, but also helped increase the popularity of the entire 205-pound division.

Anderson Silva vs rich Franklin – UFC 64

The era of Anderson Silva originates on 14 October 2006, when it at UFC 64, not just knocked out of Franklin – he destroyed it. Silva needed less than three minutes to take Franklin’s belt Middleweight champion and break his streak of eight victories.

This battle gave the world a new champion of UFC in the Middleweight division, who sat on the throne for nearly seven years. During his reign of “the Spider” spent 10 successful defenses of the belt and twice triumphantly climbed to light heavyweight. It was unheard of at that time winning streak, and Silva its enchanting style MMA has brought a lot of new fans.

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture – UFC 91

Brock Lesnar has left its deep mark in the history of MMA despite the fact that in the cell he spent only 9 games. In 2008 at UFC 91, he fought only the fourth time in his career, his record in the promotion was a modest 1-1, but thanks to its name, produced in wrestling, Brock got a title fight in heavy weight.

Though couture was the champion, but was an aging veteran, however, he was considered the most difficult challenge Lesnar at the time. In the end, Lesnar proved to be too big and too hard for couture scoring with strikes in the second round.

This success instantly made Lesnar Megastar MMA and marked the beginning of perhaps the most popular era in the heavy UFC division. Thanks Lesnar for the UFC began to see fans of the WWE. His next fight is against Frank Mir at UFC 100 set a new record of the organization of toll broadcasting – 1.3 million PPV. Three of the four subsequent fights Lesnar overcame the one million mark in terms of pay-per-view. His stay in the UFC was not so long, but it was quite ambitious for promotion, and fans will long remember those days.

Holly Holm vs Ronda rousey – UFC 193

Before the fight with the Hill in 2015, the UFC women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda rousey was undefeated with a 12-0 record and was considered one of the main stars of this sport. She was the face of women’s MMA. Rhonda didn’t just beat the opponents, she rubbed them into powder. She made top-level professionals look like Amateurs.

Everything changed in her battle against the Hill. In the first minute of the second round of the contender Hanekom hit Rosie, and then finished off on the ground. This moment shocked the sports world. Despite the fact that Hill lost his belt in the next fight, she has forever changed women’s mixed martial arts. She managed to dethrone the most dominant female fighter ever seen in the UFC.

Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo – UFC 194

The next numbered event promotion were not less than a shocking event. McGregor took 13 seconds to turn upside down the entire UFC. This lightning fast knockout he put an end to years of Board josé Aldo at Featherweight.

When these two met in the cage in December 2015, everyone was expecting war. But the left hand of McGregor decided the outcome of the game before the fans had time to plunge into the atmosphere of the match. Though McGregor before this fight and was very popular, but that victory over Aldo elevated him to the rank of major stars of the UFC. In this status, the MacGregor could do amazing things – to challenge the UFC Champions from other categories to step into the ring against one of the greatest boxers in history. The financial condition of the McGregor since 13-second knockout is growing exponentially, simultaneously bringing unprecedented until this income to their employers.

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