322 people in the stadium, masks, and 5 substitutions. Some will return to the Bundesliga

Football is back! Finally. Of all the top 5 leagues in Europe the first button to “restart” I pressed the Bundesliga. Although probably more correct to talk about the top 4, after the stop of the season in French League 1, waiting for the inevitable oblivion.

Let’s see how it will look, it is obvious that in the usual way football will be back soon. Also highlight the main matches ending the season in Germany.

What is prohibited

1. To be without a mask outside the football field. That is, with open faces will be only 22 players on the field and judges. Everyone else, including the bench, are obliged to wear masks.

2. Handshake. Teams will not greet each other before the game in traditional ways. It is also recommended not to shake hands with a player who is on the lawn.

3. To prevent the stadium more than 322 people. So much will be able to stay in the arena, including the club’s delegation, employees of television and writing media. Of course, in masks and with observance of social distance.

4. No Pets. For the first time in 12 years on home match “Cologne” will not be the goat Hennes, and “Eintracht” will not be able to start flying his eagle. To such life the Bundesliga is not ready.

5. It is recommended not to spit on the field. Clear rules that forbade spitting, not yet, but there are recommendations that you can do. But even if they ordered such a ban, then I wonder how they would be complied with. Well, seriously, how?! It’s just impossible to control.

6. No journalists in the mixed zone and press conferences. Instead, the coaches and players will answer questions from the press online.

7. The team photo. Ban for the ban. Does anyone really believe that in the locker room and during the game the players contact each other less than in the team photo? Absurd.

You can also highlight the fact that Bundesliga clubs were allowed to make five substitutions. In this case, teachers will have just three Windows in order to let the players, with the exception of the break. So that stops the replacement will be no more. But it would still be very unusual.

In other words: it will be a very different football. But it’s still better than nothing. Will have to get used to, after all, it is likely that this format will play before the invention of the vaccine. But it is unlikely to appear before next summer.

Are there any guarantees that the season will end?

No. Players will regularly test for the presence of coronavirus, in the case of mass infection to make a decision. For example, the Second Bundesliga club “Dynamo Dresden” recently went on a two-week quarantine to find two cases COVID-19. His next match against “Hanover” and “fürth” postponed for an unknown period of time.

However, there are opposite examples in the face of “Cologne” and “Borussia” M, when the quarantine went not the whole team, but only the infected players. According to the head of the Football League Germany Christian Seifert, each such case will be considered individually.

The government has given the Bundesliga a chance to finish the season, and now only the players depends on if they will use them.

The main matches remaining nine rounds

26 round
Borussia D – Schalke

The legendary Ruhr Derby awaits us, may 16, the day of the resumption of the season in Germany. Match from the category of those that simply cannot be ignored. Moreover, when the top of the football’s been gone two months.

Of course, without the legendary atmosphere of the “Westfalenstadion” it will be a very different Derby. But given that Dortmund is in any case can not lose points, by the intensity of the game promises to be special.

“Fortuna” – “Paderborn”

“Paderborn” with 16 points and is in last place, while “fortune” with 22 points occupies the 16th position to play in the transition to the playoffs. In other words: the match in düsseldorf will be for the “Paderborn” almost the last hope to maintain residence in the elite.

Matchday 27
“Borussia” M – “Bayer”

Face-to-face confrontation between two contenders for a place in the Champions League. Borussia M is now fourth, but ahead of Leverkusen just two points. By far the match of the round, which can affect the balance of power in the fight for top 4.

“Gerta” – “Union”

Again very sorry that the fans will not be at the stadium, because the second season of the Berlin Derby promised an unforgettable atmosphere. Still the first time “Hertha” and “the Union” will play each other at the “Olympiastadion” in the framework of the Bundesliga.

To watch this match not only because of the status of the Derby. First, it has been moved to Friday, so they won’t overlap with other games. Secondly, it is interesting to see what “Gert” under the leadership of Bruno currently looking to end.

28 round
Borussia D – Bayern

Der Klassiker! This may be the most important and top match in all the top leagues after the resumption. “Bavaria” ahead of the “bumblebees” on four points, but Holland, Sancho, Royce and the others will do anything to intrigue in the fight for the championship lasted as long as possible.

Talking about favourites here completely pointless. Unknown in what form will be released after quarantine and in which the personnel as suited to the game.

30 round
“Bayer” – “Bavaria”

In the first round “Bavaria” sensationally lost “Bayer” in his field with the score 1:2. Moreover, this is the second victory of Leverkusen over Bayern since joining the team Peter BOS. So the “pharmacists” can be called one of the most awkward opponents for “rekordmeister”.

This is another match which could seriously affect the arrangement of the seats at the top of the table.

31 Tur
“Bavaria” – “Borussia” M

The calendar at the finish of Bayern, to put it mildly, not the most enviable. After the “Borussia” D and “Bayer” it is waiting for another team, which for the last half of the season it lost twice – Borussia M.

“Stallions” also continue to fight for a place in the Champions League, and coronavirus deprive Bayern of the factor of native stands. So this game promises to be as tense.

“Paderborn” – “Bremen”

Bremen carried out a disastrous season, and now occupy last place in the Bundesliga, ahead of “Paderborn” on two points. Of course, to the 31-th round of all may be a thousand times to change, but most likely it will be the same game for six points.

Round 33
“RB Leipzig” – “Borussia” D

In certain hands, it can turn even the championship game. For example, if “Bavaria” will lose points and lose to Borussia in battle. As for the bulls, for them “bees” are the only opponents in the remaining matches, which is in the top half of the table. So to write them off in the title race is not worth it.

And do not miss the game of some of the strongest teams in Germany.

As you can see, the reasons to watch this season of Bundesliga plenty. But most importantly – health. I hope all clubs will comply with the requirements and really be able to finish the job. Bundesliga players have to understand that now they will be an example to the world. They have to show that even in the current environment you can play. Otherwise, other leagues can go the way of France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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